Quickie: Restraint by Charlotte Stein


Restraint (Xcite Romance) by Charlotte Stein
Erotica / Contemporary 
2012-05-28 (Xcite Books)

Rating: C
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Mallory – Dirty Mouth
Hero: Artie – Repressed
Setting: England



Mallory, our narrator, is going on a holiday with two of her friends—and her arch nemesis Artie. Mallory believes Artie dislikes her because he is always avoiding her, always making comments that sound like slights… But little does she know, Artie simply can’t handle how sexual she is. How much he’s attracted to her. His frustration comes out as sharp barbs.

This short story reads a bit like the thoughts rolling around in one’s head. It is frenetic and… random. Which was odd at first but grew to be amusing. I enjoyed Mallory as a narrator. Artie’s hang-ups were peculiar but also managed to be cute.

Restraint is a quick and steamy read. Entertaining, if not engaging.

Favorite Quote:

'Oh baby, say it again. Say it again for me.'
He gives me a rueful little smile that's almost as arousing as the thing he just said.
'I think I just about hit my limit with that last one,' he tells me, but he's lying, he's lying. He's got it in him, and I know it now. All I have to do it just...
'Please. Please, I'm so close ... feels so good when you talk dirty to me.'
He's breathing hard, I notice, and he breathes harder on the word dirty. But he gets something out for me, all the same.
'I want to... lick you there.'


Thoughts While Reading:



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