One Night Stand: The Ripple Effect by J.A. Saare


The Ripple Effect by J.A. Saare
Urban Fantasy
2012-07-30 (Mundania Press)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Rhiannon Murphy – Necromancer, Survivor 
Hero: Disco – Vampire, Real Name: Gabriel 
Setting: New York, USA



Before I get started, I want to say this book is NOT a stand-alone. If you start with this book, you will be missing a huge chunk of the plot that begins with the first book, Dead, Undead or Somewhere in Between. I highly recommend starting from the beginning because there is so much that happens with Rhiannon, Disco, Paine, and all the rest of the characters and it’s a wild ride you don’t want to miss.

Rhiannon's Law # 18: No one asks for their life to change, but it does. The bad things we face are always created to separate the strong from the weak. Once you've found your place--as the savage lion or the tranquil lamb--it's up to you to take the next step, to decide what comes after. Even if it means destroying everything in your path on the road to deliverance.

This turned out to be one of the most twisted and emotional books of the series. Betrayal, loss, retribution, and revenge are all key factors in this story that will blow you away. It’s a really dark book full of grit. The Vampires and Demons that control this world are insane and freaking scary. JA is relentless, pulls no punches, and will rip your heart out with the events that take place in The Ripple Effect.

Rhiannon is a survivor. She’s been put through the wringer since book one, where she was thrust into a world that she never wanted to a part of. This world is now her world. She wants to save herself and the people she loves, but she is unwilling to play by the rules of the most powerful Vampires and Demons. Rhiannon is the kind of character that you learn to care about but she’s frustrating. She’s impulsive, mouthy, and extremely stubborn. I understood that she was backed into a corner. There weren’t many options for her and in her mind, she was trying to survive the big baddies . But she made some really bad choices where she paid in spades. I’m positive a lot of her choices she made in book two were the result of what happen in this book. That’s why it’s called The Ripple Effect. But looking back on it now, where does it all begin and is it truly just one person’s fault or the whole lot of them? Something I thought about for a while after I finished the book. I was glad to see by the end of the book, Rhiannon got a huge wake-up call. This isn’t a game and it’s time to own up to your mistakes.

By the end of the book, Disco showed me exactly why I love him so much. He is a true hero in this book. Even though I wanted to strangle him for what he did to Rhiannon at the end of The Renfield Syndrome, I could truly tell he regretted his actions. Sometimes love can make you irrational. And Disco REALLY does love Rhiannon. She loves him too but her wishy washy feelings on whether she could forgive him or not were frustrating and hard to read at times.

“He wrapped his fingers into my hair and tugged, forcing me to look at him. “Do you understand now, love? Am I finally getting through to you?”
“Let go.” Even when I said it, I hoped he wouldn’t listen, that he’d stay right where he was. My mind was a haze of confusion. I wanted to pull him close but push him away, to kiss him hard but slap him across the face.”

These two characters go through so much physical and emotional pain. With all their flaws and mistakes, they both know they belong to be together.

At the end, we finally see how fierce and powerful Disco really is. He is one of the good Vampires that maintains his humanity where most Vampires don't and to see him get his retribution was a long time coming.

Oh, Paine. My beautiful Paine. There is so much I love about him. He deserves to find love and to be loved after living years of solitude and not being able to touch or be touched. *Sigh* This man is selfless, loyal, and brave. I have so much to say but it’s too spoilery. Read this series and meet this man that will melt your heart.

We also get a new and mysterious character, Bane. We only get a small glimpse of the kind of person he is. He’s a part of the Supernatural world but what he is? Who is he? I’m dying to know! Saare you have sparked my curiosity and it kills me not knowing when the fourth book is coming out.

This incredibly, well-written story left me speechless. I honestly had to take moment when I finished the book and let it all sink in. From the very first page, the story is gripping and by the end you will be wondering what the hell just happened!? I’m curious and nervous to see how everything plays out in the next book. Disco and Rhiannon will be looking over their shoulders and fighting for their lives to survive the chaos they’ve caused. This is a top notch Urban Fantasy series that is right up there with Ilona Andrews and Stacia Kane – especially if you like dark, gritty, and emotional urban fantasy. I can’t say enough about this series that will ever do these books justice. Do the author a favor and buy them so she can continue on with this AMAZING story!


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