One Night Stand: Slammed by Colleen Hoover


Slammed: A Novel by Colleen Hoover
Young Adult / Contemporary 
2012-09-18 (Atria)

Rating: A
Heat: Sweet

Heroine: Layken ‘Lake’ Cohan – Student 
Hero: Will ‘Mr.’ Cooper – Poet 
Setting: Michigan, USA



Forever I will move like the world that turns beneath me, And when I lose my direction, I’ll look up to the sky, And when the black cloak drags up the ground, I’ll be read to surrender, and remember, Well we’re all in this together, If I live the life I’m given, I won’t be scared to die.

-The Avett Brothers

Slammed is a very touching and beautifully written story! I’m stunned this is Colleen Hoover’s debut novel. This book is amazing! I have never been a fan of poetry nor have I ever read slam poems. This book made me a fan. To hear people expressing love, loss, pain, and truths in a poem felt very intimate and personal – like seeing into someone’s soul. I would love to go to a slam poetry reading sometime. The other thing that is absolutely wonderful is the quotes from songs by The Avett Brothers at the beginning of each chapter and throughout the story. I think it’s wonderful she used this group as an inspiration for writing her first book. I am a HUGE fan of this band and I completely understand Colleen Hoover’s passion behind using music as her muse. My other passion besides reading is seeing live music. It’s like poetry to me.

The story opens up with us meeting Layken. Her mother has moved her and her brother, Kel, across the country from Texas to Michigan after their father passes way. They are trying to survive the aftermath in his absence. The very first day they move into the house, Lake meets Will and sparks fly. When Will takes Lake on a surprise date to her first slam poetry reading, an immediate connection is made. There is excitement, laughter, and intense chemistry. However, they soon find out there is an obstacle that could keep them apart.

Lake is a very mature and realistic young woman. Still reeling over her father’s death, she struggles with moving on and finding peace within herself. What I like best about Lake is her strength, honesty, and witty personality.

Will’s passion for poetry is mesmerizing. The way he expresses his feelings about his parent’s death in slam poetry gave the reader a small glimpse into his soul, of the kind of pain he felt when he lost them. He has dropped everything in his life to do the right thing and take care of his brother. His struggle with being a mature adult and staying away from Lake is heartbreaking and frustrating.

Because fate reared her ugly head, Will and Lake are unable to act upon their feelings for each other. But what’s so beautiful about this, these two build a real friendship and are able to lean on each other. Even if it’s confusing for Lake to be friends with the man she loves, she is able to lean on him when her world begins to crumble from some unexpected news.

I felt connected to both Will and Lake immediately. I absolutely adore them. They are both extremely strong and intelligent people who I have so much compassion and respect for. If there are any two people that deserve to be together, it would be these two.

The less you know about the revelation that changes things for these two, the better. I was shocked and sad all at once. Will and Lake’s struggle to reel in their intense feelings and their quiet desperation to do the right thing created a storm of frustration inside me. Seeing the effects of the situation was powerful to read.

I love all of the characters in this story. Lake’s mother is a very cool and sweet woman. She’s caring and laid-back. She instills good values and gives great words of wisdom to her children. I love how she lets them be themselves. I love Caulder and Kel, who are the little brothers of Will and Lake. These two form a friendship that is all their own. They are a lot alike. They both have strange quirks and oddities that made them bond immediately. And finally, you have Eddie who introduces herself to Lake on the first day of school and automatically claims Lake as her BFF. She’s straight forward, loyal, and positive. Her slam poem “Pink Balloon” is one of my favorites in the story. I felt like her character brought more depth to the storyline.

This story is about love, loss, and acceptance. This story made me laugh out loud and cry hard. This book touched me on a very personal level since I’ve loss someone I care deeply about. There were times when I had to put it down and just cry because my memories came crashing down on me. I’m definitely looking forward to Point of Retreat which is the second and final book in this series.

Favorite Quote:

I got schooled this year
A boy that I'm seriously,
deeply, madly, incredibly,
and undeniably in love
And he taught me the most
important thing of all...
To put the emphasis
On life.


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  1. I absolutely loved Slammed as well. I read it because of the raving reviews although I'm not a big fan of poetry. It was so touching, and well simply very different from anything else... thanks for the review!

  2. Thank you. It's definitely an original story. I'm about to start Point of Retreat. :D


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