Twice as Nice: If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones


If I Were You: Inside Out Trilogy (Volume 1) by Lisa Renee Jones
Erotica / Suspense
Gallery Books (September 13, 2012)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Sarah McMillan – Amateur Investigator, Teacher 
Hero: Chris Merit – Suspect, Famous Painter
Setting: California, USA



Sarah McMillan, a teacher currently on summer vacation, has a very staid life. It is boring and predictable. Lackluster. Afraid to take chances, afraid to follow her dreams, Sarah is most certainly not living the life she had always hoped for. When her neighbor and friend, Ella, decides to elope in Paris, Sarah becomes the unwitting owner of said friend’s auction-purchased storage locker. Inside the storage locker, Sarah finds a woman’s entire life and belongings. Full of things no one would willingly leave behind. Personal journals filled with tales of the woman’s dark and passionate adventures with an unnamed man.

Sarah becomes consumed by the journals, by the woman who wrote them. Rebecca. The more she reads, the more she becomes convinced that something sinister has happened to Rebecca. Deciding it is crucial that she find Rebecca, to give her back her belongings and to make sure she is okay, Sarah immerses herself into the world that Rebecca has left behind. Which mostly revolved around her career at Allure, an art gallery in San Francisco.

Finding herself hired into Rebecca’s old position temporarily, Sarah is propelled into living her dream. An unlikely and unexpected opportunity, it doesn’t take long for her to be seduced by this new world. Working at Allure arouses buried passions and motivates her to work toward permanently attaining her dreams… While also trying to use her amateur investigative skills to solve the mystery that is Rebecca.

Her first suspect for the unnamed man, Mark Compton, also happens to be her new boss and owner of Allure. This man is stone and ice. Cold, cunning and calculative. He takes manipulation to new levels, making it hard to get a good read on him. He is very much a Type A personality—demanding, authoritative, and unbending. He challenges Sarah and seems to want her to succeed… with his tutelage and his guidance. His character utterly beguiles me. He attracts you to him as much as he scares you away.

The next potential suspect is Chris Merit. A famous, and successful, painter whose art is exhibited at Allure. In the art world, full of the polished and the debonair, Chris stands out in his worn jeans and combat boots. He is the epitome of the devil-may-care attitude. And he is also the antithesis of Mark Compton. From Sarah’s first encounter with Chris, the sparks fly. Sarah becomes ensnared by his easy charm and still waters. But their romance is often hindered by his extreme mood swings… and compounded by his secretive and withdrawn tendencies. Which, honestly, is part of the appeal.

Sarah is very much a babe in the woods, surrounded by wolves. Wolves named Mark and Chris. And it was such an interesting dynamic, the way both men raise the hairs on your neck while also luring you in. And filling your mind with very lustful thoughts…

If I Were You is obsessive and arousing and enthralling. It grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. Miz Jones gives us mystery and danger and romance that thrills the senses and ignites your imagination. And, with the pulse pounding ending, I cannot wait for the next installment—Being Me.


Favorite Quote:

His hands are suddenly gone, and I pant in desperation, trying to pull them back.
Chris captures my hands and forces them back to the glass above me, his breath warm by my ear, his hard body framing mine.
”Move them again and I’ll stop what I’m doing, no matter how good it might feel.”
I quiver inside at the erotic command, surprised again by how enticed I am by this game we are playing.
“Just remember,” I warn, still panting, still burning for his touch, “Payback is Hell.”

Thoughts While Reading:

33.0% - "Intriguing cast of characters."
51.0% - "Whew! *fans myself* Glass windows. 'Nuff said."

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