Review: Her Twisted Pleasures by Amelia James


Her Twisted Pleasures by Amelia James
2012-08-13 (Evolved)

Rating: B+
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Talia – Paralegal, Girlfriend
Hero: Alex – Lawyer, Boyfriend’s Best Friend
Hero: Will – Cop, Boyfriend
Setting: USA



This story contains pseudo-cheating elements with moments of light bondage, erotic asphyxiation, and one brief ménage (mfm). Also, there is no HEA (yet…).


Her Twisted Pleasures is told as a series of vignettes. Each chapter is a sexy scene told from one of three POVs and takes places in a new setting and time. It progresses linearly, so it is very easy to follow. And, I have to say, I really did love that Miz James decided to tell it this way. I don’t believe I’ve ever read another vignette-style novel. It gave the story a fast pace that pulled you along from one chapter to the next. And it was exciting to know that it was never going to slow down, never let up.

The first, and primary, point of view is Talia. Talia, a paralegal, is in a relationship with Will—her first long term relationship. Ever. Talia craves change. New things. Different things. The familiar usually bores her pretty quickly. Something about Will, however, has kept her interested. More than interested, she’s grown to love him. But that doesn’t curb her desires, her need for adventure and spice.

The second point of view is Will. Will, an undercover vice cop, knew from the beginning that Talia had restless tendencies but he couldn’t stay away. As their relationship nears the one year mark, he begins to worry about her seeking some strange elsewhere. In order to prevent that, to control it, he asks his best friend Alex to seduce her.

Which leaves us with the third point of view, and my personal favorite, Alex. Alex, a lawyer at the same firm that Talia works at, is a bit of a manwhore. Or a lot of one. When his friend asks him to sleep with his girlfriend, he doesn’t even bat an eyelash… because, the truth is, Alex has always wanted Talia.

And from there we get a very sultry and seductive and entangled romance. It was both titillating and torturous the way that Will lets Talia believe she is cheating on him, all the while getting seriously turned on by her exploits. And, woah, does Alex deliver the sexy on each and every said exploit. That man is… so dark and morally ambiguous that you can’t help but want him. Talia definitely gets all the kink and spice she can handle!

I was a bit worried, initially, because Talia likes to use cute-cutesy words for her lady parts. I didn’t know if I could take an entire novel of “my button” and “down there.” Thankfully, her silly terminology actually has a point and, though she grows bolder as the story progresses, it actually became really funny anytime she used them.

Her Twisted Pleasures had me till the very end. I became so invested in Talia and Alex and the feelings that grew between them. I desperately wanted their HEA. My only true gripe is that when it ended, it felt unresolved. Thankfully, Miz James promises to give us more of Talia and Alex (and Will too). This story was H-O-T. I can’t wait for more!

Favorite Quote:

"Kiss me," he growled.
"I shouldn't—"
"I. Don't. Give. A. Damn."
Well hell. My lips touched his—barely. I pulled back and looked at him—unfamiliar, dangerous, and so exciting. I devoured his mouth without thinking. Don't think, just touch. I ran my fingers across his strong shoulders and down his arms. His skin felt hot under my hands, his body hard. He sucked in his abs so I could get into his pants, if I wanted to. I slid one hand over his stomach and under his jeans, touching his hard cock, smiling when he groaned.


Thoughts While Reading:

14.0% - "Woah. This is... smutty goodness!"
100.0% - "I want a HEA! More Alex and Talia..."


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