Review: Mate Claimed by Jennifer Ashley


Mate Claimed (Shifters Unbound) by Jennifer Ashley
2012-10-02 (Penguin)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Iona Duncan – Half-Shifter, In Heat 
Hero: Eric Warden – Feline Shifter, Alpha 
Setting: Nevada, USA



I love Jennifer Ashley’s historical romances. In fact, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie is one of my all-time favorites. So why on earth did it take me so long to try out her PNR novels? I honestly have no clue but it was definitely long overdue! And, even though I’m starting with book four (such a bad habit of mine, I’ll admit), it was so easy to immerse myself in the Shifters Unbound world.

And, wow, what a world. Miz Ashley hits you with sensual and arousing scenes from page one. Literally. When Mate Claimed (perfect title for this one!) opens, our hero and heroine are playing a very seductive game of cat and mouse. Without even having the time to build up the characters, get to know them, their chemistry still manages to leap off the pages. It is super sexy stuff, ladies.

You know, I think that might actually be the simplest way to describe Mate Claimed: a very seductive game of cat and mouse. Or should I say cat and cat?

Our heroine, Iona Duncan, is in denial—even though her body is sending out clues, bright flashing and flaring signals, that she’s going through the mating frenzy: a time where her body has entered its breeding years and is desperate for a mate. Half-Shifter, she is long used to hiding and suppressing her animalistic tendencies, which she tries her darndest to do with her now-raging hormones. Except, this time, she can’t ignore her Shifter side’s needs.

Not that Eric Warden, alpha of Shiftertown, is about to let her. He knows the repercussions for doing so could cost her everything—she could go feral. But, more than that, his own body is responding to hers. Eric, a widow and a father, has done the mating frenzy before and never planned to do it again. He has his cub and he can get his jollies when he needs to. But there is something about Iona that leaves him incapable, and unwilling, to pass her on to another, younger male.

Watching Eric woo Iona was such fun and so friggin’ hot. There isn’t much that’s sexier than a man who is both masculine and commanding while also being in touch with his sensitive and considerate side. And Iona is no wilting violet. She is independent and self-assure and definitely doesn’t cower under the force of Eric’s alpha power. Fantastic combo.

One of my favorite things about this book, this world, is how natural it all feels. Sometimes in PNR or UF novels, elements can come across as being way out there and not at all possible. The Shifters and their clans and the way they behave, it felt very human combined with realistic animal behaviors. And the sense of family, camaraderie, between the Shifters—I like seeing such love and loyalty in the characters I read.

Mate Claimed is one wild and feverish frenzy full of sex and romance and drama and action. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the frantic and frenetic passion of a Shifter in heat (and, really, who wouldn’t?) then you don’t want to miss this book! This series is going on my auto-buy list!

Favorite Quote:

“You’ve been in the mating frenzy before.”
Eric looked up at her, his eyes quiet. “Yes.”
”With Kirsten.”
Iona touched her hands together. “You must have loved her very much.”
Eric nodded. “Yes. Very much.”
”Then why do you want another mate?”
Eric pushed himself from the fireplace and came to her, the first flickers of fire shadowing his tall, naked body. He skimmed warm hands down her arms.
”Because I saw you.”


Thoughts While Reading:

18.0% - "Shifters in heat... whew!"
23.0% - "Not sure how I feel about Graham. Bad boy or a-hole?"
40.0% - "Oh, this series has fae. Major bonus points!"
80.0% - "No good place to stop reading! Action-packed."
83.0% - "Okay, so Graham is more bad boy than a-hole... :-)"


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