One Night Stand: Seduced in the Dark by CJ Roberts


Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet #2) by CJ Roberts
2012-08-22 (Neurotica Books)

Rating: A+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Livvie Ruiz – Prisoner, ‘Kitten’
Hero: Caleb – Captor, Vigilante 
Setting: Sierra Leone, Africa



This series MUST be read in order. Click here for my review of Captive in the Dark.

Once upon a time, Caleb held me captive in the dark, now he used it to seduce me. – Livvie

I’ve decided to not delve too much into the plot. There are so many fantastic reviews already for this book and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I had no idea what I was diving into after reading Captive in the Dark. I absolutely relished the fact that I had no idea what this part of the story was going to be about. All I knew is that Livvie and Caleb, at the end of Captive in the Dark, had a long road ahead of them. For me personally, not knowing what was ahead is what made it so much more exciting.

Seduced in the Dark is the continuation of the first book, Captive in the Dark. This two part story took my breath away and left me a complete and utter mess. It’s intense, unpredictable, twisted, passionate, titillating, provocative, fascinating, conniving, and quite frankly perfect from beginning to end – absolute brilliance.

This book is about the world of sex and human trafficking. The author does not sugar-coat the topics of abuse, rape, and slavery. The humiliation I felt for these people was gut-clenching. My emotions and thoughts were completely fucked with. My heart ached to the point of physical pain. This story was hard to fathom at first, but then I became hopeful and started to believe this story, as disturbing as it is, could have a happy ending.

She kissed my scars, and I made new ones for her.
– Caleb

Vengeance has defined Caleb’s life out of loyalty to Rafiq, the man who we learned rescued Caleb in Captive in the Dark from a slave owner. He’s never questioned his loyalty to Rafiq until he kidnaps Livvie and begins to feel affection and protective towards her. He kept telling himself that Rafiq deserves his loyalty, deserves his help in getting his revenge. He’s never questioned whether what he is doing is right or wrong up until now. He tries to keep his distance from Livvie by being cold and distant, however, he begins to find it more difficult to keep his feelings from getting in the way of the end game. Livvie sees Caleb underneath the complex layers. She knows he is more than he claims to be. This is a hard thing for Caleb to grasp. He ran hot and cold with his struggle for duty and his love for the woman he kidnapped. My heart ached for this tortured man and his struggles.

During the course of our time together I’d fallen in love with my captor. I’d fallen in love with his smell and his taste; his smile, kindness, and yes, even his cruelty because I knew it was a part of him.

Livvie is a fighter and she fought hard for Caleb. Her strength is compelling. She may have been broken down only to be built back up, but she was built back up into a woman. A woman who wanted to submit to Caleb and Caleb only. It’s hard to imagine why she would fall in love with someone who kidnapped her, locked her in the dark, beat her, and forced her to become dependent on him, and planned to sell her as a sex slave for revenge. It did feel a little like she was manipulated into feeling that way…at first. But, in Seduced in the Dark, I understood it better. She saw Caleb for who he truly is beneath his scars and the mask he wore.

What starts out as a story about kidnapping and vengeance, becomes a journey of self-discovery. This story absolutely tore me up. It bent my mind with all its twists and turns. My jaw fell on the ground several times with all its shocking moments. I don’t know how to begin to describe how devastatingly beautiful this story is. C.J. Roberts wrote a story that ripped my heart out, shredded it, and put it all back together by the end.

Thoughts While Reading:

51.0% - "This book is slowly killing me...Caleb, sigh."
58.0% - "Oh shit no no no no...."
78.0% - "Holy hell and the twists keep coming."


  1. wonderful review! It is heart wrenching. I am about 75% through (damn work keeping me from finishing today lol)

  2. Thank you. I hear ya... Work gets in the way of my reading too. ;)

  3. You’ve chosen a great topic. We women are emotional by nature, and one of the rules we live by is that we can’t help who we fall in love with! Livvie was kidnapped by Caleb, but she still fell in love with him and even ended up fighting for him. It’s a rather twisted romance, but what’s a love story without a good twist!

    Julio Sporer


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