Review: Midnight in Your Arms by Morgan Kelly


Midnight in Your Arms by Morgan Kelly
Historical / Paranormal  
Avon Impulse (October 30, 2012)

Rating: B+
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Laura Dearborn – Medium, Nurse in Great War 
Hero: Alaric Storm III – Not Quite a Ghost, Soldier in Crimean 
Setting: England



Laura Dearborn, living in the year 1926, sees spirits. Ghosts. And, as a medium, she makes her living by helping the living find closure with their loved ones. Laura, who was a nurse during the Great War, has seen too much. Been changed irreversibly by the war and its aftermath. And if she can use her gift to help others find comfort, let them know those they’ve lost are at peace, she’s willing to open her home to complete strangers.

That is, until a solicitor shows up after hours, claiming Stonecross Manor, the house that has haunted her dreams her entire life, was willed to her—before her birth—by some man from the nineteenth century. Along with a sizeable amount of money. Bewildered but ultimately intrigued, Laura can’t resist going to Stonecross Manor. And what she finds there, besides an extremely dilapidated and long neglected house, is Alaric Storm the Third.

Alaric, living in the year 1866, is also a product of war time. His body covered in scars and a leg that’s somewhat lame, Alaric came back from the Crimea changed. He has become reserved and withdrawn and has no desire to socialize or join the bon ton. And when a beautiful woman with a strange haircut and risqué clothes shows up out of the blue in his bedroom, Alaric is pretty sure his mind has finally cracked.

I loved the way that Miz Kelly has written this short story. Her descriptions of the times and places, the way that Laura travels between her time and Alaric’s, it made my imagination run wild. Her tone and wording gave the story an almost dreamy quality that fit so well. And the paranormal aspect, the time traveling, I actually like that the how and why of it is never fully explained. It just is. It kept the focus on Laura and Alaric and their struggle to remain with each other—in his time or in hers.

Midnight in Your Arms is whimsical and enchanting. A truly delightful love story that involves ghosts and fate and a romance that knows no time. And, oh, how I love the auburn haired heroes. The Alaric I envisioned in my mind… he was scrumptious. I hope Miz Kelly plans to write more romances like this one!

Favorite Quote:

“Just so you know. Don’t expect some coquettish miss who you must mollycoddle and convince to let ravish her. I’m a woman, with a woman’s desires.”
”Thank God,” he said, exhaling, a slow smile crinkling the corners of his delicious mouth. His amber eyes were gleaming in the half dark like polished pennies. “I don’t want to have to behave like a gentleman.”
”Please don’t be,” she said.


Thoughts While Reading:

33.0% - "Enjoying this one. But impatient for Alaric and Laura to really meet."


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