One Night Stand: Double Time by Olivia Cunning


Double Time: Sinners On Tour by Olivia Cunning
Erotica / Contemporary  
Sourcebooks Casablanca (November 6, 2012)

Rating: B
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Reagan Elliot – Guitar Player, Tomboy 
Hero: Trey Mills – Guitar Player, Bisexual 
Hero: Ethan Connor – Bodyguard, Bisexual 
Setting: California, USA



Double Time is loaded with hot and kinky sex of various kinds: M/F, M/M, M/F/M, M/M/F.

+ May contain some minor spoilers.


Sassy, sexy, tomboy Reagan Elliot wins an audition to play for Exodus End. When they hear her play, she is hired on the spot to tour with the band for a year. Even though she is an extremely talented guitar player, being a woman in an all male band, she feels like she has a lot to prove and is determined to keep up with the boys. She meets Trey, who is a member of the band The Sinners, at the audition and they are both immediately attracted to one other. After the audition, Reagan and Trey hang out and get to know one another. They soon figure out there is more to their physical attraction, there is an electrical current of chemistry they both cannot ignore.

Trey Mills plays rhythm guitar for The Sinners. He is not only drop dead gorgeous but he's also extremely caring and passionate. After feeling burned and exhausted by the men he's dated in the past, he's decided to swear off men. He's been in love with his best friend, Brian Sinclair, for years and because of these feelings, Trey has never been able to connect with anyone; male or female. But when he meets Reagan, he feels an immediate spark between them he hasn't felt towards anyone but Brian. When Reagan and Trey spend the day together after Reagan is hired, he realizes that he not only wants her sexually, but genuinely likes being around her for more than that and decides he would like to try out a committed relationship with Reagan. But Trey has decided to keep his bisexuality a secret from Reagan for fear of losing her. How long will he be able to keep his attraction to men in check before Reagan finds out?

Ethan Connor is a dominate bisexual male. He's an ex-cop who does security and side jobs as a bodyguard. He has been best friends with Reagan for a long time. Ethan and Reagan used to date until he was caught cheating on Reagan with another man. Reagan has no clue that Ethan is bisexual. She just assumes he's gay and Ethan has never told her otherwise. But Ethan has been keeping a secret, he's been in love with Reagan the whole time they've been friends. When Reagan brings Trey home, there is an immediate attraction between Trey and Ethan. However, because Ethan loves Reagan and doesn't want to hurt her, he tries to protect Reagan from Trey and tries keep his feelings locked away. But for how long?

Phew! So much drama between these three! I really enjoyed Trey and Reagan's relationship in the beginning and I thought they were definitely meant for one another but, when Trey's "other" needs start to come to the surface, it made me feel uneasy. Especially when Ethan first came into the picture. I actually felt threatened by Ethan sliding into the picture. It worried me that he would ruin what Trey and Reagan have together. However, my opinion of Ethan changed when the three of them get together for the first time. The situation was easier to accept since it wasn't just about Trey and Ethan or Trey and Reagan, it was Trey, Reagan, AND Ethan.

In my opinion, Trey's character made this book work. I adore him and I'm so glad he gets his HEA in a way that fits him. Trey not only learns to let the past go but he learns that he can commit to not only one person but two at the same time. Love is love. I really enjoyed all of the sweet and tender moments these three shared together. And let me tell you, I can't even begin to describe how extremely sexy and kink-tastic the sex scenes were. Wowzers! Olivia Cunningham can write some sex scenes that will melt your panties! Not that that's the only reason I read her books. *wink* She writes well-developed characters and fantastic storylines as well.

Double Time is a sexy, rockin' good time. This is the third, no wait, the fifth book, but released as the third book so, if you don't like spoilers, I would wait to read this book. But for me, I didn't think the book was too spoilery. Knowing who the other band members end up with will not keep me from reading their stories too. If anything, I'm more excited to read Jace and Eric's books. This book also sets up new storylines for the Exodus End band members, which makes me needy to know more about Dare. Bring on Dare's book!


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