Quickie: Pulled Long by Christine d’Abo


Pulled Long (Long Shots #3) by Christine d'Abo
Erotica / Contemporary
2011-12-12 (Carina Press )

Rating: B-
Heat: Sizzling

Hero: Ian Long – Gay, Exhibitionist
Hero: Jeff Carson – Bisexual, Divorcee
Setting: Toronto, Canada

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This story has male on male love and multiple instances of exhibitionism.


Even though I, ahem, really enjoyed the brief m/m between Paul and Josh in Double Shot, I was both excited and apprehensive about my first full-on, no females admitted, male on male story. Not sure why. I guess I thought it might not trip my trigger since I am of the feminine persuasion, but Pulled Long proved that unfounded theory wrong. Love is love and all that. *wink*

It most certainly helped that I have adored Ian from book one. He is charming and has a fun sense of humor and you can tell he cares deeply for his sisters. His sisterly love, of which, has him wearing himself into the ground. Ian is working tirelessly so that his sister’s can enjoy their love lives… Because Ian doesn’t have one himself. And hasn’t for a while. Probably because he is filled with deep hurts and keeps himself emotionally distant. Even from his months-long crush, Blue Eyes. Past experience has him weary of love in general, but he is down right leery of men who also like women.

And Blue Eyes, aka Jeff Carson, has himself an ex-wife. When Ian finds that out, he immediately puts space between them. He’s been down that road before and it ends no where good. Jeff has his work cut out for him, that’s for sure, and has to try a more forceful tactic with Ian. And even though he may technically be a ‘virgin’, he knows he’s bi and he knows he wants Ian completely.

Pulled Long is full of hot male lovin’ that is, when combined with Ian’s desire to be watched, seriously kinky and passionate. I’d say I give it a big thumbs up, but then I’d start thinking about what Jeff did with his digits and…. I will leave you with this:

Jeff teased the underside of Ian’s cock before he pulled back and added more lube to his fingers. “I love how you open up for me. You’re still nice and tight even as you loosen. Means I’ll still be able to feel you squeeze around me.” Jeff scissored his fingers, stretching him wide.

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