Quickie: The Virgin Huntress by Victoria Vane


The Virgin Huntress (The Devil DeVere #2) by Victoria Vane
Historical / Georgian
2012-06-28 (Breathless Press)

Rating: A-
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Vesta Chambers – Determined, Spoiled
Hero: Hewett DeVere – Captain, Virgin
Setting: England



What do you get when you combine one willful and pampered young miss with a commanding and upright older second son and put them on the high seas in a locked cabin? You get The Virgin Huntress—a novella filled with laughs and lust aplenty.

I will admit, I really didn't expect to like Vesta. She is very spoiled and bratty and her thoughts are sometimes unkind... but, despite myself, I do like her. Beneath her haughtiness and sense of entitlement, there is something vulnerable about her.

Thankfully, there was always Polly the lady’s maid to put Vesta in her place. I adored Polly, always looked forward to the wise and honest words that would come out of her mouth. She never failed to make me laugh.

"Tis you who be blind, missy. The captain is a gentleman of the first order and a war hero to boot. One of his stamp would never allow anyone to be endangered. Can't ye see, the captain is not for a young chit like yerself. He's a man been to hell and back in the war and no likely to dally wi' some silly young miss."
"Aye!" said Polly. "Keep it up, and ye'll only make a fool of yerself and spoil any chance for a suitable young man."
"But I love him, Polly!"
"Pshaw! The frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean."
Vesta scrunched her face. "Must you always speak in riddles?"

And we can’t forget Hew. I immediately fell for him just like Vesta. I would’ve stolen him for myself too! He is quite the alluring virgin hero. Yum, yum. I really wasn't expecting a dominant side to come out of him, but oh, I am glad it did. Delish.

I also loved the banter between the DeVere brothers. Ludovic, being the orgy-loving rakehell, and Hew, with his upstanding and straight-laced ways, it was fun to watch them bicker back and forth. And even though they seem so vastly different from each other, it was still clear how much they cared for each other. There was a real sense of brotherly love between them.

And, of course, once again that Devil DeVere was in the thick of it, causing mischief. Which is exactly where I like him! I’m excited to read the next installment, since it focuses on the Devil himself!

Favorite Quote:

"We will be at sea together and in this very cabin for the next three days."
"The devil we will! We will be turning back once!"
"No, we won't." Vesta crossed her arms over her chest. "We will not return unless I am convinced that you don't love me."
"Then we can resolve that question right now! I don't love you, Vesta!"
"But you will!" she insisted. "You only need time to know it."
Hew rose. "Where are my clothes?"
"I had them taken away."
"You conniving creature!"


Thoughts While Reading:



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