Quickie: Waking the Queen by Saranna DeWylde


Waking the Queen: Part One of Ride of the Darkyrie by Saranna DeWylde
Urban Fantasy
2012-09-01 (Sea Goddess)

Rating: A
Heat: N/A (No Lovin' in this installment)

Heroine: Brynn Hill – Cop, Darkyrie 
Hero: Jason Grimes – Cop, Partner
Setting: Kansas, USA

*This is a serial series, part one of four installments. Part two releases this month!


Brynn Hill has dark needs and killer instincts. She is THE hunter of hunters. And, unlike her serial killer father, she can use her badge to cover her tracks. Which is quite convenient since her purpose, as a Darkyrie, is to kill the monsters of the world. And this world she inhabits is unapologetically dark and real and gruesome. Very not pretty.

Waking the Queen opens at a policeman’s ball on the night before Brynn’s birthday—a  birthday that will herald in her ascension. During a dance with her partner Grimes, he tells her he has a surprise for her bright and early the next day at an abandoned warehouse. A surprise that involves a killer they’ve been trying to catch. But when Brynn shows up, the surprise quickly turns into a catastrophe when a disfigured man, known as The Cross, shows up to kill her.

I feel a bit perverse for thinking this, because there was strong dislike (hate, maybe?) from Cross towards Brynn, and yet... a tiny little niggle in my brain has me wishing Brynn and Cross eventually hook up. There was this moment, when his hand was on her chest and he's growling mad, and I could see it turning into some really hot, angry sex. Who knows. Could be way off base. I often root for the dark horse.

But I also can’t ignore that there is something between Brynn and her partner, Grimes—who has been keeping secrets from her. There is more between them than meets the eye, more than even Brynn herself realizes.

I can’t wait for the next installment! I must know more about Brynn’s ascension, why Cross wants to kill her, and what Jason Grimes has been hiding. Waking the Queen was a fantastic beginning to what I’m sure will be a deliciously dark Urban Fantasy serial series. How can it not with a kickass heroine, two potential heroes, and a setting so violent and gritty that you know it will be full of drama and action?


Favorite Quote:

His touch was like nothing else, not even his sinful voice was as terribly wonderful as his touch. I'd never understood the big deal about touching, fucking. It was all a mechanical exchange of fluids to me. Until now. I had no control over my body's reaction. This want. It intrigued me and pissed me off at the same time.


Thoughts While Reading:

N/A – Fast read!


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