Twice as Nice: Paula's Take on Calling the Shots by Christine d'Abo


Calling the Shots (Long Shots #4) by Christine d'Abo
Erotica / Contemporary
2012-10-08 (Carina Press )

Rating: C-
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Beth Norris – Supervisor, Switch 
Hero: Josh Scott – Owner, Dom
Hero: Oliver Stephenson – Bartender, Submissive
Setting: Toronto, Canada

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This story has the usual m/f as well as m/m, m/f/m, and m/m/f ménages. There is also femdom, bondage and elements of D/s.


Josh has always known that he is a bisexual man and, because he was discriminated and degraded for his sexual preferences when he was younger, he decides to open a club, a safe haven, where people are able to explore their sexual fantasies in private. He has formed a crush on his assistant manager, Beth, and bartender, Oliver. He is the most experienced of the three but because of his insecurities from being mistreated growing up, he is afraid to be in a permanent threesome relationship. Instead of pursuing Beth and Oliver, he decides he wants them to be happy and tries to set them up. What he didn’t expect is for Beth and Oliver to pursue him.

Beth has always been drawn to Josh. And now she’s attracted to Oliver, the new bartender. She knows there is chemistry between the three of them and wants to explore having a threesome with both men. After a night with both men, she’s discovered her true nature in the bedroom. She is a switch. She likes to be dominated and submit. She’s also discovered that she wants to spend more time with both men in a relationship and she’s willing to fight for them.

Oliver is trying to start over after his wife cheated on him and took all his money. He’s always been attracted to Beth, since he started working at the club, but what’s even more baffling is his attraction towards Josh. He’s always known that he’s wanted more in a sexual relationship but, because he loved his wife so much, he has never explored his true sexual nature. With Josh and Beth, he finds that he enjoys being a submissive and discovers that he is bisexual.

I really enjoyed this relationship in the beginning. They flirted, teased, and laughed together. But for some reason, as soon as these three hooked up, all of their doubts and insecurities came to the surface in full force. I can understand that these three people are seriously damaged but the drama and constant repetition to their back stories was too much. By the end of the story, I was so over the drama that it was hard for me to feel anything for the characters.

Calling the Shots is definitely a very hot and steamy erotica. I requested this book because of the ménage trois relationship. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely interested in all the kinky ways these three could have sex. Two bisexual males and a woman could mean so many things in the bedroom. Yes, I am dirty. And, there is no doubt the sex scenes hit my kinky side just right. But, even though the sex scenes were scrumptious, I thought the drama was completely over the top and exhausting.


Thoughts While Reading:

80.0% - "*rolls eyes* drama drama drama... So overly done. I'm ready for this book to end."


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