One Night Stand: Avoiding Responsibility by K.A. Linde


Avoiding Responsibility by K.A. Linde
K.A. Linde (November 29, 2012)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Alexa Walsh – Law Student, Fighter 
Hero: Ramsey Bridges – Club Owner, Loyal 
Setting: Georgia and New York, USA

Before reading this review, I would suggest reading Avoiding Commitment first. See my review here. This review has spoilers from the first book, which I highly recommend reading so you can follow along with these character’s lives to see how they end up here.



Avoiding Responsibility is the stellar sequel to Avoiding Commitment. It’s filled with passion, drama, angst, and lots of surprises. I didn’t feel near as exhausted or emotionally drained this time around. Don’t get me wrong, this was still an emotional rollercoaster, but I wasn’t seeing RED like I did in the last book. The best part about this book was Ramsey being the hero. That’s right ladies, Ramsey.

Avoiding Responsibility is told from Lexi’s POV in the present and past tense. It begins a year later, after Lexi left Jack Howard standing at the airport in Atlanta. After six years of being in a dysfunctional relationship as the other woman with him, she is finally ready to let him go. In a year, a lot can happen, including a new relationship with Ramsey Bridges. But unfortunately, Lexi and Ramsey have had a big falling out that leads to them breaking up.

This story begins with Lexi answering a phone call from Ramsey early one morning, pleading with Lexi to accompany him to Bekah and Jack’s wedding. Lexi is not only shocked to be hearing from Ramsey after they broke up a month ago, she’s also surprised he would have the nerve to ask her to go to their wedding. Lexi has absolutely no desire to be a part of their wedding. Seeing Jack could stir up old feelings that she does not want to feel again. With distance and time, she’s been able to heal. Not only that, she’s seeing someone else. A man she refers to as a mystery man the entire book.

Before they broke up, Ramsey and Lexi had a good thing going. They were in love. However, Ramsey made a huge mistake by keeping a secret from Lexi that in the end broke Lexi’s heart and her trust. Despite all that, she still misses him, and everything they had together during their year-long relationship. With a little bit of persistence, Ramsey finally talks Lexi into seeing him when he comes to New York. From there, things spiral out of Lexi’s control, and she finds herself agreeing to be Ramsey’s date to Jack and Bekah’s wedding.

Lexi has a lot of character development in this book. I’m so proud of Lexi in this book. She’s more mature, stronger, and makes better decisions. Oh, but Lexi is still Lexi. Not all of her decisions are the best ones, but she does grow from her mistakes. And this time, instead of running from her problems with Ramsey when things get tough in Atlanta, she faces them head on.

“I did and still do love you as much as when I first told you that night at the beach. You are the only woman I could think of being with from now until eternity. ”

Oh Ramsey, what a wonderful, awesome, beautiful hero he turned out to be. I knew there was something special about him since the first book. Even though Lexi fessed up to him about her and Jack’s sexcapades, he didn’t judge her. He remained true to her. He trusted her and loved her unconditionally. Not once did Ramsey’s feelings for Lexi ever waver. He never doubted how he felt for her. Even though he kept a big secret from her, he owned up to it. Not only that, when he lost Lexi, he did everything in his power to make things right with her, even if it meant making sacrifices for himself. Ladies, Ramsey is MINE. *wink wink*

The chemistry between Lexi and Ramsey is explosive. There was a lot of passion and fire between these two that I honestly felt. It was refreshing to feel positive about the man Lexi was with this time around, especially after how disgusted I felt when she was with Jack. Jack, the man she ruined relationships with, and betrayed people with. With Ramsey, she could start over and have a safe, normal relationship that had not been tainted by deception. Ramsey is the one and only man Lexi was able to connect with, and who could make her forget all about Jack Howard.

No, this wasn’t like Jack at all. Jack had taken over her world, and she had forced herself to push him out bit by bit. Ramsey had forced himself in her world bit by bit and filled a void she hadn’t known existed. And she knew all too well what is felt like being with and without Jack. Ramsey was something altogether different. The emotions he elicited from her were foreign, and thus, incredibly vivid because they had never been tamed, harnessed, or numbed over years of self-torture.

The Avoiding series has rocked my world. I am completely addicted to these drama-filled, emotional books. It’s fun to be so involved in these characters world. Their relationships are a train wreck. And they make so many mistakes that make you want to scream and cry. I get so caught up in living in these people’s heads, that when I come out of my emotional state and back to the real world, it feels surreal to be back in reality. Ms. Linde kept me guessing and constantly wondering what insane drama is going to happen next. And if you’re wondering who the mystery man is that I mentioned above, you will have to read the book. And with that said, I absolutely loved the ending, even with all the unresolved issues that I’m sure will be addressed in the third book. I strongly recommend this series and I’m very much looking forward to the third book.


Thoughts While Reading:

2.0% - "I'm nervous and excited about this book. I have a feeling my update status will blow up today!"
26.0% - "And let the drama begin! I'm starting to see a pattern here... I really hope this time Lexi has more will power. And if not, at least wear a condom!"
44.0% - "Dear Lexi - you are killing me with your side mystery man. Is this your back up plan in case things don't work out with the other man? Kind of skanky if you ask me."
93.0% - "And the lies have finally caught up with everyone! Du du dunnnnn... And these are the days of our lives. This book is fabulously full of drama. I can't help but love it! lol"
100.0% - "Phew! What an emotional roller coaster. Review to come!"


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