One Night Stand: Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin


Forever My Girl (The Beaumont #1) by Heidi McLaughlin
Bandit Publishing Company (December 27th 2012)

Rating: A-
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Josie Preston – Florist, Cheerleader 
Hero: Liam Page – Rock Star, Football Player 
Setting: Texas, USA

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Forever My Girl is a beautiful, captivating second chance love story. This story broke my heart, made me laugh, made me cry, made me smile, and, when it was over, sigh with happiness. This is a highly impressive debut novel by Heidi McLaughlin.

When Liam left ten years ago to pursue his dreams to become a musician, he left everyone behind—including the love of his life—without an explanation. Liam and Josie were high school sweethearts. They had their whole lives planned out together. But, of course, those plans fell through when Liam left. Liam eventually became a super rock star and Josie stayed behind in a small town with a broken heart. She tried, time and again, to reach Liam. Until he changed his number, which left Josie no choice but to move on with her life.

Ten years later, Liam reads in a newspaper that his best friend from high school has been killed in a car accident. He decides to go back home to pay his respects to his friend. He knows when he goes home he will see her. Josie. The girl he left behind and the girl he never got over. Over the years, he's never had a serious relationship. In his mind, Josie has always been his girl—the one and only girl for him. He knows there is a good chance she's married with children, but he can't leave without seeing her just once.

Josie has tried to move on from Liam. In her mind, she has. But her heart says another thing. Every day has been a struggle without Liam in her life, but she did eventually find love again. Not the kind of love she had with Liam, though. She's now engaged to be married, raising her son, and owns a florist shop. However, when Liam finds out what he really left behind, it was more than he could've ever imagined. And when they finally come face to face, that moment is intense. Liam knows he has a lot to atone for. Will Josie let him back into her life again?

I told her I'd love her forever. I said I love you first and promised to never let her go.

Liam is an incredibly sexy, cool, and caring hero. Before he left, he was known as the golden boy football player. Now he is known as the hot rock star with tattoos who rides a Ducati. He's the epitome of sexy bad boys that will make your panties disintegrate. Yet, underneath the bad boy persona, he's a good man with a huge heart. He wants to make amends and accept responsibility for what he’s missed out on for the last ten years. He’s also determined to make Josie his girl again.

Josie is a very smart and strong heroine. I admired her strength. I admired the way she handled the situation with Liam. She didn't immediately rush into his arms, as much as she wanted to. (Or as much as I wanted her too.) She put her family first. And as angry and hurt as she was, she still didn't play the blame game with Liam. But having Liam back is difficult. Liam may no longer be the boy she once knew, but she still fiercely loves the changed man. She battles with her desire to be with Liam, and her will power to keep things platonic between them. This battle rages within her throughout most of the book, as they spend more and more time together.

I never thought I'd see the boy who stole my heart and failed to give it back.
I'm not sure I want it back.

My heart went out to Liam and Josie. I felt their pain, anger, frustration, and loss. This story grabbed me on the first page, where I immediately began shedding tears due to the tragic death of Liam and Josie’s friend. What truly touched my heart and soul, were the glimpses of them in the past, when they fell in love as teenagers. Witnessing the history and love they shared between them was powerful. I completely understood the force of nature that drew them towards one another when they finally see each other again. The chemistry was explosive. The logical part of me wanted Josie and Liam to make good choices, while the impulsive part of me wanted them to rip each other's clothes off. The author definitely made us wait to see what happens with these two. But don't worry, it's a sweet and happy ending. I am, however, leaving out a very important part of the story. But you will have to read the story to find out what the surprise twist is. I loved this story and the characters. To say I'm itching to see what happens with the other characters is an understatement. I cannot wait for the next book!


Thoughts While Reading:

4.0% - "Shit. I'm crying already. This story had me on page one."
41.0% - "I love a man who rides a bike - no scratch that - I love a man who rides a Ducati! Loving this book!"


  1. Thank you, Paula, for taking the time to read Forever My Girl. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story.

  2. You had me at

    "Forever My Girl is a beautiful, captivating second chance love story. This story broke my heart, made me laugh, made me cry, made me smile, and, when it was over, sigh with happiness."

    I can't wait to read this book. Great review.


  3. If I thought I wanted to read this before, I want to even more now! A surprise twist? I've gotta know what it is!

  4. Oh yea, the twist is awesome! :D Happy Reading!

  5. I've stalking Forever my Girl for months! I looks SO good! I mean come on? A bad boy rocker who wins back the girl he can't forget from his past? Who could resist that? Can't wait to read it! ;)

    1. No one will be able to resist Liam! He's my new favorite book boyfriend. Hope you enjoy! :D

  6. Waiting to read (sign)....This will a great after Xmas present...

  7. "I am, however, leaving out a very important part of the story. But you will have to read the story to find out what the surprise twist is."

    Paula, you are such a tease! Haha! I want to, scratch that, need to read FMG and find out what is the twist! Thanks for the great review :) I'm so excited I want to fast-forward time, skip Christmas and go straight to Dec 27!


    1. I am a tease. I won't even tell Letitia, my co-blogger - no matter how much she begs. haha!

    2. What! Paula... I know where you live, missy! ;)


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