Twice as Nice: Paula’s Take on My Bluegrass Baby by Molly Harper


My Bluegrass Baby by Molly Harper
Contemporary / Humor
Pocket Star (December 17, 2012)

Rating: B+
Heat: Sweet

Heroine: Sadie Hutchins – Assistant to the Director, Saucy
Hero: Josh Vaughn – The Competition, Uptight
Setting: Kentucky, USA



My Bluegrass Baby is a delightful contemporary filled with southern charm, laughter, romance, and smart humor. Molly Harper has a wonderfully witty voice that always makes me laugh out loud and this one is no exception.

Sadie Hutchins loves working at the Kentucky Tourism Commission as the assistant director. She’s saucy, boldly smart, independent, and might love her job a little much. She has put all her time and focus into her career, which leaves her no room for a social life. Now that the director is retiring at the end of the year, she is up for a promotion to become the new director. And, just when she thought she had the job in the bag, Josh Vaughn swoops in and takes it right out from under her. The uptight, sexy suit and tie wearing, hot shot thinks he is going to take Sadie’s job from her. But Sadie is not going to roll over and make this easy on him.

When these two begin to butt heads in the office with their difference of opinions, and start to cause inner office problems, the current director decides to pit them against each other. They soon become rivals to see who is the best man or woman for the job.

Sadie uses her witty, southern charm to promote her campaign while Josh is more of a stick with the facts, books, and sophistication to promote his. In order to get the job, these two end up battling it out trying to win the affections of the office staff and pranking one another with chairs falling apart, mail getting lost on the way to the mail room, and an incident with puppets. Poor Josh.

As these two duel it out, the sexual tension begins to rise. Sadie begins to realize there is more to Josh than just being a prickly, uptight, pain in her rear. He’s playful, witty, and totally sexy in a Union officer’s uniform. And Josh is wonderfully perfect for Sadie as well, with the way he keeps her on her toes by challenging her and adding excitement to her life she didn’t realize she was missing. I loved this quirky, crazy couple. And when the attraction grows stronger, they finally realize they can no longer keep their hands to themselves, and buttons start to fly off their clothes.

If Molly Harper writes it, I will read it. I love her snarky humor and how her characters are always just a little bit crazy and sassy. I hope she has plans to write more stories about these fabulous characters because I would definitely love to get a story with Kelsey and Charles.

Thoughts While Reading:

31.0% - "I would really like for Vaughn to lose and have to wear a woman's cheerleading outfit. Ha!"


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