Review: Just One Night, Part 1: The Stranger by Kyra Davis


Just One Night, Part 1: The Stranger by Kyra Davis
Contemporary / Erotica  
Pocket Star (January 21, 2013)

Rating: C
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Kasie Fitzgerald – Stodgy, Reserved 
Hero: Robert Dade – Billionaire, Stranger 
Setting: California, USA



Just One Night, Part 1: The Stranger proves that what happen in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas…

Kasie Fitzgerald is living a very boring and dull life. Her career, her relationships, it is all very safe. She spends so much time striving for perfect that her life has become… uninteresting. But, for one night – and at the urging of her best friend Simone, Kasie decides to let her inner devil loose in Las Vegas.

Where she meets a dark and handsome stranger at a blackjack table and, after a few small exchanges and a few fingers of whiskey shared, they go back to his suite. And sexy times ensue. Including some very creative uses for ice cubes.

Once the rendezvous is over, Kasie has had her fun and is ready to go back to her not-quite fiance, Dave. Or so she thinks. But her stranger turns out to be Robert Dade, owner of a security firm, and he is not satisfied with a one-time fling. So he decides to pursue Kasie by engaging her PR firm and hiring her to bring Maned Wolf public. As expected, drama follows.

The premise, the idea of sex with a stranger, letting your inner devil out to play—it’s all very exciting and titillating. And, at first, so was this story. But then it started to feel more like a midlife crisis. Or, well, I suppose it'd be a quarter life crisis. While I can understand Kasie’s indecisiveness, that doesn’t mean I have to like it. She was up and she was down. She was all-in with Robert and then backpedaling to Dave. I think Robert himself sums her problem up quite succinctly—

“Self-awareness is sexy. Delusions are not.”

I also had a problem with the excess use of hyperbole and metaphors and idioms that fill nearly every page. I mean, at one point Kasie describes Dave as a baked potato. And, while that particular metaphor is kind of hilarious, at some point you simply want the author to say exactly what she means. Which she nearly never does.

He studies me for a moment. He knows I’m purposely ignoring his question but senses that this is not the time to push me. After all, I’ve already gone out on a limb tonight. I’m so far outside of my comfort zone, I might as well be in Mozambique.
And I hadn’t planned on ending up in Mozambique. I don’t know the language or the laws and I’m completely unfamiliar with the currency… but, God, is it ever beautiful here.

I’m sorry, but… What?! It’s simply… too much.

Other than Kasie’s self-delusions and my dislike of excessive hyperbole, Just One Night, Part 1: The Stranger was not that bad. And the ending did leave me wanting to know what happens next… I’m curious to see where the author will take these characters. But it definitely wasn’t without its issues.

Thoughts While Reading:

24.0% - "Dave = Wimpy wimpskin. Bye-bye Dave. Hello Mr. Dade."
52.0% - "Listen to Simone!"
79.0% - "And somehow I'm now Team Dave. And by Team Dave, I mean NOT Team Kasie...."
100.0% - "Or Team No one."


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