Twice as Nice: Letitia’s Take on Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan


Undeniable (Undeniable, #1) by Madeline Sheehan
Madeline Sheehan (December 20, 2012)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Eva Fox – Biker Brat, Younger 
Hero: Deuce West – Biker, Tattooed 
Setting: New York, USA



Every now and then a book comes along that shakes you up and rattles your comfortable literary cage. Undeniable is such a book. It gives us a romance that is, at times, bleak and ugly, and a hero that can be offensive and reckless and hurtful. Miz Sheehan isn’t afraid to go there and take her characters and story to a place that is… Hard to handle. But the reward is so, so worth it. Because, despite all the darkness, there is also beauty and love.

But, fair warning, there is infidelity. And not just once... but a lot. You should probably also be okay with women being called bitches frequently. Mostly as an endearment but also... not. The world these characters live in is a harsh one and it’s not sugar-coated, so, be prepared.

Undeniable is the story of Eva Fox and Deuce West and spans many, many years…

Eva Fox is the cherished only child of Preacher, the President of the Silver Demon’s Motorcycle Club, and is treated as an honorary member of the gang. Because her dad lets her hang out at the club and go to some of their gatherings, Eva is fully aware of all that goes on in an MC. And she also knows that she never wants to be some guy’s old lady. No, she’s going to be Queen of an MC. And, when she meets twenty-three year old Deuce West, when she’s just five years old herself, she knows exactly who she wants to be her King.

Deuce West is the future President of the Hell’s Horsemen MC. At twenty-three, he has seen and done and been through too much in life to be anything other than… jaded and closed off. But there is something about Eva that he can’t ignore, even when he knows that he should. From the moment that she innocently grabs his hand while they’re both visiting their fathers at Riker’s, she also grabs hold of his heart.

Following Eva and Deuce’s relationship through the years was not easy. A nearly twenty year age difference, and belonging to rival MC’s, is only the beginning of the things standing in their way. They both come with so much baggage and so many issues… they broke my heart. Over and over.

They just can't get their timing right. And it was my favorite and least favorite aspect of their relationship. Favorite because it’s unusual to read a romance where the characters don’t fall right into bed – and in love – with each other (or, at most, a month or two goes by before that happens). So it was refreshing to see them struggle and fight to get their happily ever after. But it’s also my least favorite part because I wanted to scream at these two, tell them to get their shit together. If I could reach into my kindle and smack Deuce, oh, I would have! Repeatedly. Damn that man.

But even though he’s not perfect, or maybe because he isn’t perfect, I truly loved that tattooed, long haired, f-bomb dropping, cut wearing MC Prez... He could make my stomach turn or flutter with a sentence, a look, or an action. And, for me, the age difference wasn’t a big deal at all. In fact, I like that he was so much older than Eva. That their relationship was forbidden at first and they had to wait. The wait made it so much sweeter.

Undeniable will rip you up inside and twist your guts into knots. Eva and Deuce are not perfect and neither is their love… and I wouldn’t change a darn thing about them or their story. Miz Sheehan has created a world and characters that are unflinchingly real and honest. This isn’t a cookie-cutter story or a run of the mill romance. No, Miz Sheehan has created something incredibly special that really stands out from the rest.

And now I’m waiting on pins and needles for the next book, UnBeautifully! I was hoping we would get Deuce’s kids story. When I saw Danny was next, it was a total *fist pump* moment.

Favorite Quote:

Deuce was fumbling with his jeans, and I had completely lost my mind. I was frantic, crawling up his big, hard body like a sex-starved spider monkey in heat, and kissing him, giving as good as I was getting. Every kiss was full of hot, wet tongue—sometimes hit, sometimes miss. Teeth were clacking together, lips were bitten, and noses were getting in the way. I mauled him, not caring where his or my mouth landed or what part of his face I was kissing, licking, or biting.

Thoughts While Reading:

20.0% - "Woah. If anyone can make the F word sexy, its Deuce."
34.0% - "Oh god. Don't like this side of Deuce."
45.0% - "Frankie = No. Hell no.”
85.0% - "Deuce! OMFG. Rage.... argh!"

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  1. Wonderful, fabulous, awesome review my sweets! xo

  2. Awesome review. I have been very skeptical about this book, but the more reviews I read the more I think am warming up to reading this book. One day I'll take the plunge (:

    1. Read it you really won't regret it. This is one of the best books I read in 2012 x

    2. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. It isn't for everyone... but I loved it. All of it, good and bad. Definitely preview it first! And if/when you read it, lemme know what you think. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. I can't wait for Danny and Ripper! I need that book. Craving it!


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