Twice as Nice: Paula’s Take on The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices by Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau


The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices by Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau
Erotica / Suspense 
Riptide Publishing (January 7, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: N/A - Very dark subject matter.

Hero: Mat – Cage Fighter, Brother
Hero: Douglas – Grad Student, Brother
Setting: USA

*This is a serial series, part three of six installments. Part two releases in February! To read my review of part one, click here. Part two, click here.



This story contains explicit violence, forced incest, and non-consent.


In this episode of The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices, Dougie and Mat have now been sold at the slave auction as a package. The humiliation they experienced in order to be sold together was horrifying but, to them, completely worth it so they can stay together. Their love and devotion towards one another is all they have left after being abused, tortured, and violated. But now they are in the hands of a slave trainer, Nikolai Petrovic. He can be your worst enemy or your friend. It's up to Mat and Dougie to decide how they proceed with next round of torture while in the hands of Nikolai.

The story opens up with Dougie being isolated in the dark, with no water, no food, and no human contact for days. His mind is bending, slowly breaking, and he's lost faith that he can no longer stay strong for Mat. While Dougie is suffering alone and in the dark, Mat is still continuously being humiliated and violated. Neither has any idea where the other is. They have both been put on an RV and taken to a home where they will be trained to be the perfect slaves for their master.

Nikolai Petrovic—sadistic, cruel, the master of manipulation. We've only seen glimpses of him in past episodes, but in this episode we get scenes from his POV. And to read from his perspective was highly disturbing to say the least. Being a professional slave trainer for years has made him a master of the slave trade. He breaks down the slaves to their lowest point and then builds them back up again. He doesn't use force. He gives them choices. But if they disobey the rules, there are painful consequences. If they obey, they are rewarded. This is his game.

And no one plays this game better than Nikolai. He's always one chess move ahead of Mat and Dougie. He knows what they are thinking or plotting, which makes it impossible for Nikolai to be manipulated and fooled. Which means he knows exactly what tactics to use to control the brothers, who differ in personalities. Mat is controlled by fear and pain. Fear that he will lose his brother. And enough pain that will make him wish he was dead. Dougie, being more submissive than Mat, is controlled by his insecurities. But mostly, he is controlled by his affection for Mat.

Through all of the torture, pain, and humiliation, the brothers are still fighting for their lives, for their freedom. They still have hope that one day they will escape and get their lives back. I'm hoping with them. I honestly can't believe everything they've been through. It's gut-wrenching. And to think, this happens to people on a daily basis. It's absolutely disgusting and completely inhumane.

I have a severe love-hate relationship with this story. Before reading this episode, I literally had to build myself up with enough courage to get through it. There is absolutely nothing romantic or happy about this story. It may be beautifully written but it's horrifically sad. I feel like Miz Haimowitz and Miz Belleau are completely screwing with my head. The horrific things that I have read up to this point, has driven me absolutely mad with rage. Yet I can't stop reading. I've become fully invested in Mat and Dougie's story. I MUST find out what happens and can only hope they exact their vengeance against every asshole that has violated, humiliated, and tortured these two men that I have grown to care about.

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