Review: Painted Faces by L.H. Cosway


Painted Faces by L.H. Cosway
L.H. Cosway (December 26, 2012)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Freda Wilson – Baker, Personal Assistant
Hero: Nicholas Turner – Drag Queen, Straight
Setting: Ireland

*This is a male/female romance.



I fell in love with a boy… who likes to dress like a girl… and it was wonderful and romantic and heartwarming. And, oh, so sexy too! This book is not to be missed.

Freda Wilson – who prefers to go by Fred – isn’t the kind of girl most guys notice. Sarcastic and self-deprecating, she’s used to being overlooked and she’s okay with that. When Nicholas moves in next door, with his flirty ways and his obvious come-on’s, Fred doesn’t know what to do. She’s used to being the friend, or the friend of the one they actually want to sleep with. But Nicholas seems to only have eyes for her.

When Nicholas, who she learns is a cabaret performer, invites her to his first show, Fred isn't even shocked or scandalized by what she sees: a man wearing full make-up, a dress, and sky high heels. No, to Fred, it simply fits him and it’s beautiful. His voice, his presence. It all only makes him that much more interesting. And when she becomes his assistant, helping him prepare for his shows, she finds herself falling for him. All of him. In or out of the dresses.

But Nicholas is a one-nighter kind of guy, so Fred fights her feelings and his advances... but, damn, that man is seductive. The things he says, the way he touches her, I honestly don’t know how she manages to hold out for so long. Because Nicholas and his alter-ego, Viveca, are sexy as hell. I fell in love with both sides of the man. The contrast of it all, the masculine versus the feminine, it was delicious and such a turn on. There is so much to this complicated man.

Nicholas is a haunted man with a dark past, who suffers from extreme highs and lows. His love of women and all their facets started at a young age. A way to be close to his deceased mother. Her clothes comforted him, helped him grieve, but eventually the performance turned into his passion. Always a wanderer, he moved from city to city, country to country, performing as Viveca Blue. But now he’s finally putting down roots in Dublin… and even though he doesn’t believe in love, he might just find it with Fred. If he can let go of the past.

Painted Faces is one hell of an untraditional love story. The characters are so real and full of depth. I want to be best friends with Fred, eat some of her amazing cupcakes. I want to dress (and undress) Nicholas, wear his smeared make-up on my face… Really, the entire cast is amazing. I love when an author takes a risk, goes with their gut, and gives us something both unique and beautiful. Miz Cosway has done that. She turns the notion of what an alpha male is on its head with Nicholas. The man is… *shivers* I fell for him hard.

Favorite Quote:

I have never felt this much sensation with a man before. Most of my sexual encounters have been messy, drunken fumbles. But this was something else, something wonderful. And now I hate myself for having given in, because looking into his eyes as I came did something to me. It made my heart reach out and latch onto his, even if his hear might not want to latch onto mine.


Thoughts While Reading:



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