One Night Stand: Entice by Ella Frank


Entice (Exquisite, #2) by Ella Frank
Ella Frank (January 29, 2013)

Rating: A-
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Shelly Monroe – Doctor, Man Eater 
Hero: Joshua Daniels – Construction, Delicious Daniels 
Setting: Illinois and Georgia, USA

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Entice is a whip smart, sexy, and extremely steamy contemporary romance with a dash of erotic and a splash of humor. I will never look at a coat room the same again. Miz Frank has definitely moved up on my list of favorite contemporary romance authors. There is no way I will be missing out on anything she writes in the future.

Dr. Shelly Monroe is smart, witty, vivacious, and beautiful. She shouldn’t have any problem in the dating department. But, after being used for her money by her loser ex-boyfriend, she refuses to date any men who can’t provide for themselves. And, because of her strict stipulations on the men she dates, she ends up dating boring men who do absolutely nothing for her. Not to mention her non-existent sex life.

And then Shelly meets Joshua – sexy, cool, Delicious Daniels. The man is exactly what she is trying to stay away from. He works construction and has a killer smile that will make any woman swoon. But Josh is not what you see is what you get. He is the owner of Creative Construction and Remolding Co. Shelly has no idea how successful Josh is. She immediately judges him as a lowly construction worker and player and she refuses to get to know him otherwise.

But Josh is really a good guy – caring, successful, and reliable. And you gotta love a hero who loves his dog. I know I do. Because Josh has also been burned by his ex, who cheated on him after using him for his money, he has trust issues with women. And now he has decided he wants a sugary sweet and simple woman who will treat him right. Not a man-eater like Dr. Shelly Monroe. So when Josh meets Shelly, he immediately shuns dating her, thinking she is too much like his ex-girlfriend who ate him up and spit him out.

“No strings, Josh. Not one. Unless, of course, it’s to tie me up.”

However, the mutual attraction between Josh and Shelly is undeniable, magnetic. Josh can’t seem to stop thinking about getting Shelly in bed and vice versa. So, when Shelly presents Josh with a deal, a deal that involves sex with no strings attached so they can both scratch their itches, Josh is shocked yet intrigued. He wants her so he agrees. And when these two finally get together, look out ya’ll, not only is there incredible chemistry with intense sexual tension, but the sex is SMOKIN’ HAWT. Have I mentioned all the dirty talk between them? Meow.

I truly love and adore Shelly and Josh-u-ah. Why do I say his name this way? Because underneath the sophisticated hard shell that surrounds Shelly, she’s really a sweet southern gal from Georgia. And when she pulls out the southern charm, she makes Josh fall to his knees. She then becomes Josh’s Georgia, not the man-eater Josh is afraid of. And once Shelly gets to know the thoughtful, romantic, charming, and kind (let’s not forget extremely sexy!) side of Josh, she realizes he might be the one for her.

“I was determined not to fall for you, and somehow, I don’t think I ever had a chance of resisting.”

This couple is really great together. However, their journey together is not an easy one. They both have issues to work through. Which leads Josh into making a tough decision that could either make or break them as a couple. I agreed with his decision. It forced Shelly to reevaluate her focus and come face-to- face with her true self. And eventually, Josh found his way through Shelly’s concrete walls and helped her open her heart to discovering the true meaning of love and life.

Lifting his head, he told her softly, “But we were just a fling.”
She tried to shake her head, but with him holding her face, she could move it only slightly.
“You were never just a fling,” she whispered.
“Then, what was I, Shelly Monroe?”
She licked her lips and locked eyes with him. “You were a game changer.”

I’ve become deeply involved with the cast of characters in the Exquisite series. So, of course, I was happy to get plenty of Lena and Mason. But, the one person I truly never expected to show her true colors the way she did is Mason’s sister, Rachel. I’m absolutely dying to get my hands on Edible. Keep bringing on the hotness Miz Frank!

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