Quickie: Weekend Menage by Cara Carnes


Weekend Menage by Cara Carnes
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc. (February 6, 2013)

Rating: C
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Rebecca – Friend’s Little Sister 
Hero: Joe – Hot Geek 
Hero: Dillan – Sexy Geek
Setting: USA



Late one night Rebecca receives a phone call from her brother asking if two of his out of town buds can crash at her place. Most of her brother's friends are the geeky, nerdy type so she figures if she gives them an internet connection, they'll be good to go. When Rebecca opens the door to two extremely hot and sexy guys… well, she becomes decidedly more thrilled by the prospect.

Because they also happen to be the two guys she almost had a threesome with a couple years ago. And even though Rebecca has a fear of relationships, a weekend with Dillan and Joe seems like a fun way to scratch an itch. What girl wouldn't want a whirlwind weekend with two incredibly sexy and attentive guys?

Weekend Menage is a simple, sexy short story. Two guys, one girl, and a weekend free-for-all. What's not to like? Especially since Dillan and Joe are two hard bodied gentlemen who want to show Rebecca a very good time.

I did have some issues though. For erotica, well, I felt it left a lot to the imagination. There were also many POV changes that were abrupt and slightly confusing. And, as a whole, it didn't really flip my switch. I'm all for everything this story has in it… but for some reason didn't feel a connection.


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