Twice as Nice: Letitia’s Take on Effortless by S.C. Stephens


Effortless (Thoughtless #2) by S.C. Stephens
Gallery Books (January 8, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Kiera Allen – College Student, Girlfriend 
Hero: Kellan Kyle – Rock Star, Boyfriend 
Setting: Washington, USA



He held up a finger to quiet the crowd. They surprisingly responded. “Do you want it?” he asked suggestively.

Um, do I want it Kellan Kyle? Yes. Hell yes, I do!

But, in all honestly and with full disclosure, I did need a bit of an emotional break between Thoughtless and Effortless because, holy hell, what Miz Stephens does to my stomach and nerves and heart! I just didn’t think I could take that much feeling two books in a row… especially since I knew Kellan and Kiera would be put to the test in this installment.

Because now Kiera and Kellan have to reap what they’ve sown. In Effortless they find themselves in a similar situation, except this time instead of Denny leaving... Kellan has to leave. The D-bags are going on their first tour. So, after only a few short months of new relationship bliss, they’re forced to confront their trust issues head on. And a relationship that begins the way theirs did is bound to have a few trust issues.

Thankfully though, Kiera isn’t quite the same person she was. She’s maturing and growing, finding confidence in herself. She’s on the right path. But she still has her insecurities and she can’t help feeling a little scared. And, really, who could blame her? Especially if your boyfriend is the ridiculously sexy Kellan Kyle and, right before he leaves, you find out his number. Yeah, that number. That alone is enough to make any girl have some doubts.

But Kellan isn’t that guy anymore either. His and his band mates dreams are coming true, and he’s terrified it will cost him the only person who has ever loved him. The only person he’s ever loved. And, because of the circumstances that surrounded the beginning of their relationship, you can’t really blame him for his doubts either. Kiera turned to him when Denny left and now he has to trust her not to do the same thing again.

Kiera and Kellan have to really work to keep their relationship strong. It’s a constant struggle but they are both in it 100% and they try. But they have their problems and their fights and they both keep secrets that they shouldn’t… which causes pressure to build and build. And my stomach to turn and turn. And my heart to flip and flop. But, dear lord, am I glad to be right there with them through it all. All of the ups and downs.

Mercifully, Effortless wasn’t quite as emotionally intense as Thoughtless. There are a ton of hilarious and sweet moments too. My favorite funny ones included Griffin and his Hulk (need I say more?), as well as Kiera’s unfortunate first go with phone sex that end up being… not-so-sexy. And, of course, Kellan really brings the sweet, aww-inspiring moments with his hundreds of hidden love notes. Each one put a ridiculous smile on my face. That man sets my heart to fluttering like no other.

I don’t really know how Miz Stephens gets me so emotionally involved, but I feel like the third wheel on the Kiera-Kellan Emotional Train. And I do NOT want to get off this ride. I love the direction that the characters are heading, their growth and the evolution of their love for each other. The way they’re learning more about each other and themselves. It was great to see Denny again and finally move past the events in Thoughtless. And, I must say, I love the new storyline for Anna and Griffin. I love Kellan, don’t get me wrong, but I also have a soft spot for Grif. I can’t wait to find out what’s next for this group of sexy rockers and the ladies that love them!

Favorite Quote:

He rested his forehead against mine, exhaling lightly. “I loved you… even that first time. I didn’t want anything between us. I wanted…” Pulling back, he looked away.
Grabbing his cheek, I made him look at me. “You wanted what?”
Looking guilty again, he shrugged. “I wanted… to own you. I wanted a part of me in you.” He cringed. “I wanted to mark you, make you mine.”

Thoughts While Reading:

27.0% - "OMG I did not want to know Kellan's number! That is... o.O"
37.0% - "I will not cry... I will not cry... oh, hell."
43.0% - "Oh, Kellan. You sweet, sweet man."
46.0% - "LOL Poor Kiera. That would've made me blush too. Worst phone sex ever."
56.0% - "No. No, no, no Kiera!"

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