Review: Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker


Ten Tiny Breaths (Ten Tiny Breaths #1) by K.A. Tucker
Atria Books (February 12, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Kacey Cleary – Angry, Grieving 
Hero: Trent Emerson – Thoughtful, Sexy Dimples 





Kacey Cleary is damaged. Broken. She had to grow up fast after an accident took nearly everyone in her life away from her. Parents? Gone. Best friend? Gone. Boyfriend? Gone. Everyone but her little sister Olivia.

And Kacey is really angry about it. Full to the brim with rage. Not that I ever blamed her. What she went through... yeah, I'd be pissed too. But she’s buried her issues, never dealing with her feelings, and so she’s not quite whole. Not quite the Kacey that Olivia used to know.

Kacey would do anything for Olivia though. From trying to learn to smile again to moving more than two thousand miles to Miami to get away from their pervy uncle/guardian. And even though they have little money, they find themselves a place to stay in what looks like a rundown apartment complex. A place that eventually becomes a home, even though Kacey fights it. Because the people who live on either side of her repeatedly call her bluff. They recognize her tough girl slash hard ass persona for exactly what it is: emotional armor.

The first person to see through Kacey’s tough outer layer is Storm. A mom and part-time exotic dancer, part-time bartender, Storm has a heart of gold and is smarter and tougher than people think. Including Kacey at first. Her giant boobs aren’t even as big as her heart or her patience, so Kacey never stood a chance. Storm is the best friend Kacey really, really needs in her life. I adored her immediately.

Then there is Trent Emerson. The super tall, super sexy guy in 1D. He also happens to be Kacey’s knight in shining armor, there whenever she needs him. Even for the littlest things. Trent brings warmth and life into Kacey, even if he has to constantly push her past her limits. And, just like Kacey can't help it, I couldn't help falling for his easygoing charm. His watchfulness. His concern. He's the firm nudge that gets Kacey on the path to healing... and I loved him for it.

Ten Tiny Breaths is not an easy book or even a happy book. It’s somber at times and full of so much grief and heartache. Kacey has been through hell and, unfortunately, never left it. She can’t let go. She can’t face her demons. And eventually she’s given no choice. She has to face them head on and it isn’t pretty.

But there are light moments too. They give you hope. Funny moments involving snakes in showers and possible Dexter-esque first dates. Beautiful moments. Like the love between the sisters. The love Kacey gets from her relentless and determined friends... and Trent. Oh, Trent. He’s such a wonderful, damaged soul. You can't help but root for Kacey and Trent. I wanted so desperately for them to fix themselves, heal each other…

And thank goodness for epilogues! Miz Tucker had me biting my nails the last 15% of this book! She had me seriously afraid that I’d soon be throwing my kindle across the room! Very intense and very emotional. I was bawling my eyes out. But it was all worth it… and instead of throwing my kindle, I gave it a hug.

I am so happy that there’s going to be four more books in this series! Yes! And I’m really, really happy that Olivia’s is next. She is such a tough, smart and level-headed kind of girl. It’ll take someone special to make her notice him. Can’t wait!

Favorite Quote:

I'm determined not to move, even as I lie all but bared to Trent's prying eyes and evil smirk. I'm mulish enough to believe I can do it, too. But then Trent leans forward, moving his mouth only inches from my breasts as I had done to him, and I'm fighting tooth and nail against the urge to squirm. I gasp as his breath brushes over my skin and my nipples instantly harden. When he peers up at my face, I have to close my eyes. I can't handle the look in his. It's full of heat and desire and intentions. He chuckles softly as his attention shifts farther down. Cool air skates down my abdomen. "You have an incredible body, Kacey. Mind-boggling."


Thoughts While Reading:

61.0% - "I can see where this is going, and it's going to be rough..."
100.0% - "Yep, that made me cry."


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