Review: Beauty and the Blacksmith by Tessa Dare


Beauty and the Blacksmith (Spindle Cove #3.5) by Tessa Dare
Avon Impulse (April 30, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Diana Highwood – Gentlewoman, Sheltered
Hero: Aaron Dawes – Blacksmith, Rough Around the Edges





I've fallen for a lot of heroes. Viscounts, Earls, and Dukes. Second sons and illegitimate sons. Pugilists and pirates. But I've never fallen for a blacksmith... until now. And, oh, Aaron Dawes is definitely worth the fall. I'm sure Diana Highwood would agree.

Diana Highwood is perfect, poised, and polite. Unexcitable and unemotional. Not by choice, really, but because she had to be. Any extra emotion or too much activity would set off an asthma attack. Now that she's been attack-free for more than a year, she's ready to start living. Experience all the things she's been denied. And the first thing she wants to experience is passion and heat...

With Aaron Dawes. Town blacksmith and pseudo-big brother to all the towns ladies. Aaron has spent many a day and night wishing he were with Diana but never thought it'd come true. A woman like Diana, she's meant for a gentleman not a laborer. And Aaron was meant for a farmer's daughter or a barmaid, not the prettiest lady in Spindle Cove.

But you can't fight fate or deny chemistry, and these two have plenty of both on their side. It was so sweet to see Diana finally able to let loose and be herself. Try new things. Let her hair down and get some soot on her fancy frocks. And believe me, when these two come together – more than Aaron’s forge gets hot and bothered. *wink*

I have been looking forward to Diana's story since book one, and Beauty and the Blacksmith was a perfect and cute happily ever after for her. Aaron is just the man Diana needs. He treasures her but never coddles her, which she's had enough of to last two lifetimes. And who would want gentle after years of it? Not me. I’ll take Aaron’s roughened and callused hands over a pampered dandy's any day! I’ll take some lovin’ on an anvil over a feather bed any time!

Favorite Quote:

They stared at each other. His dark eyes held her rapt.
"I find you terribly handsome," she blurted out. Because it was the only thing left unsaid.
He rubbed the back of his neck. "I would tell you you're the kind of lovely that's unfair to roses and sunsets. But I don't think this honest conversation is working the way you hoped."
"No. It's not. We were meant to be laughing, but none of this seems ridiculous. In fact, it feels more serious by the moment."
To know that her attraction hadn't been one-sided--that she'd been right about those long, searching looks he'd given her now and then... The vindication buoyed her spirits, and a delicious tingle ran from her scalp to her toes.


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