Review: Blind Obsession by Ella Frank


Blind Obsession by Ella Frank
Ella Frank (April 9, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Gemma Harris – Journalist, Entangled Lover 
Heroine: Chantel Rosenburg – Violinist, Dead Lover
Hero: Phillipe Tibidueau – Artist, Lover in Mourning





“Chantel, you’re Beautiful. I think I’ll call you…Beauty.”

World-renowned painter Phillipe Tibidueau has chosen to live in seclusion, avoiding the public spotlight that has depicted him a 'beautiful monster', ever since his lover tragically died. The media has spread horrendous rumors, accusing him of manipulating and controlling Chantel's life, and going so far as to blame him for her death. Now, Phillipe is ready to tell the world his story. He’s invited Gemma Harris, a journalist, to his home to learn the truth about his passionate love affair with the woman who posed in the paintings that made him famous. The woman who also plagues his memories.

When Gemma first meets Phillipe, she is immediately drawn to the intoxicating man. Phillipe finds it too painful to talk about Chantel. So, in order for Gemma to get a better understanding of their relationship, Phillipe gives her Chantel's journal. This journal is an intimate look inside the mind of Chantel Rosenburg - a famous violinist known for her blindness and being superbly brilliant with the violin. As she learns more and more about Phillipe and Chantel, Gemma becomes entangled in the memories of their love affair, and slowly becomes obsessed with the both of them.

“God, you’re so na├»ve. I’m not just broken. I’m twisted inside my own fucking nightmare that never goes away. I’m fucked on the inside. You’re only seeing what I want to show you.”

Phillipe is an intoxicating, sexy man. Tortured and so unbelievably broken by his pain and sadness. From the moment I met Phillipe, I felt seduced by him. I became enamored with his relationship with Chantel as much as Gemma did. And every time he walked onto the pages, my heart fluttered from the excitement of not knowing what he would do or say next. The man is a mystery. I had an urgent desire to keep reading, as fast as I could, to know more about the intriguing, dominant, charming, erotic lover and painter.

And then you have Gemma, who is trying to mend Phillipe's heart, and Chantel, a dead woman who owns it. Gemma is light to Chantel's dark. Chantel was beautiful, smart, extremely talented, passionate, and had so much determination. While Gemma has all of the same qualities, she exudes boldness and is self-assured. Chantel was more likely to stand in the shadows. Two women who are so different, yet so alike at the same time.

This is Ella Frank's first erotic novel and she does a stellar job dipping her toe into the erotic world. I will give Miz Frank credit where credit is due. She certainly knows how to write creative sex scenes that will leave you panting and highly aroused. The smoldering sex scenes were lusty, wickedly explicit, and scorching HOT. This is one of those books where my husband reaped the rewards during the time I read it.

This is exactly the kind of erotica that I crave. Blind Obsession is unique and original with a twisted story that will screw with your head. I freely admit I crave mind bending erotica stories. I get tired of the same ol' erotica tales that have saturated the market these days. I desire books that will push me out of my comfort zone. Something thought-provoking that will stay with me for days and leaves me salivating for more. I must warn you though, this story does not end with a traditional happy ending. Whether it's happy to you or not, that's for you to decide. And, because this is a stand-alone, the story is over on the last page. I can honestly say I have come to terms with the way it ended, even though my romantic mushy heart is not programmed that way.

Blind Obsession is an extraordinary, haunting, and beautiful erotic tale about three passionate people whose lives are intertwined through music, art, love, and tragedy. From the moment I started this book, I became addicted to the characters and their story. This story not only stayed with me for days, but it haunted my dreams. Ella Frank enraptured me with her sensual words, visual arts, and lovely music integrated throughout the story. Seeing this story from all three character's point of view gave me a better perspective to the story. I truly feel like I know these characters on an intimate and personal level. The unpredictable ending left me reeling and emotionally exhausted. To say this story is complex is putting it mildly. It's complicated to the nth degree. I refuse to delve further into the plot, for fear of giving too much away. The story is much more provocative and stunning if you go into it not knowing too much about it and let the story slowly unfold before your eyes.

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  1. I can't wait to read this one! It's different from her usual which is great.


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