Review: Passion’s Trust by Cara Carnes


Passion's Trust: 4 (Pleasure Brigade) by Cara Carnes
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc. (April 3, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Katey Meadows – Submissive, Inexperienced 
Hero: Lorenzo Garofali – Dominant, Master at The Brigade 





Katey Meadows is hot for Lorenzo Garofali, one of the sexy Masters at the BDSM resort where she works... as their planner. Always watching, never participating. Not because of a lack of interest though. Katey's definitely interested and a tad worried she might be a little too kinky. Even though she's a newbie, she's been making notes. Katey wants to try it all. With Lorenzo.
When Katey decides to go from employee to member, and from off-limits to permitted, Lorenzo wants to be the one to explore her desires with her. And even though he’s used to breaking in new submissives, it won't be the same ol' song and dance with Katey. Lorenzo's wanted her for as long as she's wanted him. 
There isn't a better place for them to explore each other than The Brigade – a  resort where inexperienced Doms and subs can go to learn and train. The Brigade is... well, awesome. A kinkster's dream. Or, at least, a newbie kinkster's dream! I love how it embraces the untried Doms and subs. We all have to start somewhere!

Passion's Trust is full to the brim with dominate men who make you want to beg for the privilege of submitting to them. Katey gets to experience not one but three such men. Or was it four? You've got to love a Dom who knows how to share and be possessive at the same time. And Katey's first experience on a St. Andrews cross? H-O-T. Master Brendan knows how to start a scene – and Lorenzo knows how to finish it! This was my first visit to The Brigade but it won’t be my last. I hope that Master Brendan’s story is coming soon!


Favorite Quote:

He growled and flipped them. Her knees went to his shoulders and he rammed into her pussy in one powerful thrust. He fucked her hard, the sound of flesh on flesh made her heart beat faster, her breathing became erratic with an inability to inhale anything but Lorenzo.
Wrapping her hands around her knees, she kept herself open to his primal fucking. He took her harder, deeper, until shallow gasps were all she could manage.
“This is how I want to fuck you every night, Katey. Hard and deep so you
remember you’re mine.” He plunged balls-deep into her and rubbed her clit. “Come for me.”


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