Review: Taking Over Me by Sara Brookes


Taking Over Me (Geek Kink #1) by Sara Brookes
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc. (March 20, 2013)

Rating: C
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Allison – Geek, Submissive 
Hero: Patrick – Coffee Shop Owner, Dominant 





Allison may be a geek, a technology buff who loves her video games and comic books, but she’s still one cool chick. My kind of girl, even if I don’t pull all-nighters playing Halo (now, all-nighters with a good book – that’s me). Unfortunately for Al – as her friends call her – she’s just one of the guys. Her guy pals don’t see her the way she wants to be seen: as a woman. That all changes when Allison rescues the barista at her local coffeehouse when his register quits working.

Patrick, co-owner and sometimes barista of Perfect Shot, is blown away by the girl who saved his day. Dressed in shapeless clothes with an easygoing, laidback attitude, Patrick quickly realizes Allison has no clue how sexy she really is. And he finds that incredibly sexy. He has to get to know her. When Allison offers to update the coffeehouse with new registers and a top of the line security system, Patrick jumps at the chance to see her again.

Dinner, drinks, and a movie marathon later, Patrick introduces Allison to his world. And Patrick’s world is seriously kinky. Bondage, toys, collars, cuffs, and nipple clamps – you name it, he likes it. He even converted a warehouse into his very own Sanctuary. An adult playground, of sorts, for himself and three of his best friends who also enjoy the kinkier side of life.

Even though Allison is taken back by the things Patrick is into, she can’t deny that she loves it. She never thought of herself as submissive, but she's thrilled and amazed at the things he can do to her body (as I am… as am I!). But both are hesitant to open up and say what they really want. And when they decide to meet each others friends, it becomes clear they live in two different worlds.

Taking Over Me was kinky fun and full of geektastic moments. And, while it didn't engage my emotions, I did like Patrick and Allison. Patrick gets major kudos for his creative – and cold – use of a toy. And Allison, well, she had me at Wonder Woman. I will admit that I was a tad disappointed when I realized the geek with some kinks was Allison. I do so love my hot, nerdy heroes. So, Miz Brookes, please please make one of the geeks with kinks a man!


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