Twice As Nice Review: Fever by Maya Banks


Fever (Breathless #2) by Maya Banks
Berkley Trade (April 2, 2013)

Rating: B-
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Bethany – Homeless, Submissive
Hero: Jace Crestwell – Millionaire, Dominate 





Fever is the second book in the Breathless trilogy by Maya Banks. When I met Jace and Ash in the first book, Rush, I was highly curious about the woman who would break up this double duo in the bedroom. These two best friends find it highly erotic to be with the same woman at the same time. But now Jace has finally found a woman, who he has formed strong amorous feelings for, and he isn’t willing to share.

From the moment Jace sees Bethany serving at his sister's engagement party, he was drawn to her. When Ash notices who Jace is eyeing, he takes it upon himself to proposition Bethany to have threesome with them. This didn't please Jace. For the first time, Jace feels possessive of a woman and threatened by Ash being the third party. But he goes along with the deal anyway, for fear of not having her at all. This one night of passion and erotic sex leaves Jace craving more of Bethany. Jace is the kind of man, once fixated on something he wants, he goes after it. Yet when he wakes up the next morning, he finds himself alone in the hotel. Jace becomes angry and desperate to find Bethany.

When Jace does find Bethany, she's bruised and starving in a woman's shelter. Like a knight in shining armor, he rescues her from living in poverty. Bethany, who was once raised in foster homes, was once a recovering drug addict, and is now homeless living on the streets. She comes with a lot of baggage that includes: mistrust, low self-worth, and a friend she loves like a brother, Jack, who continues to take her down a very dangerous path. After learning Bethany's heartbreaking story, Jace is even more determined to have this woman who has consumed his thoughts and feelings.

I thought it was an interesting twist for the story to have a heroine like Bethany. She's different from a lot of the heroine's I've read here lately - being that she’s homeless and a recovering drug addict. She’s had a hard life growing up and living on the streets, yet she's not hardened by this life. She’s a survivor. She overcame her drug addiction on her own, hoping to make her life better. But jobs don't come easily for the homeless. So when she meets Jace, for the first time in her life, she’s given a second chance to start over.

Jace is a great hero, he swoops in and rescues Bethany from a harsh life on the streets. He provides for her. Gives her whatever she wants or needs – luxuries Bethany is completely unaccustomed to but really appreciates. These two may be total opposites, but they fit well together. Bethany understands Jace’s need for dominance in the bedroom. And she happily submits to him, finding herself highly aroused by Jace’s domineering side. But, like any new relationship, there are going to be issues that can’t be fixed with just a sexy spanking.

“The truth is I’ve never felt this way about another woman. The truth is I’m fucking obsessed with you. The truth is I want you in any way I can have you. The truth is if you told me right now that you could never submit to me, never give what I want so badly from you, that it wouldn’t matter. I’d take you any way I could have you. The truth is I’m not letting you go.”

Jace may be a powerful and confident man but, when it comes to Bethany, he struggles with keeping his cool. Being so deeply love for the first took Jace completely out of his comfort zone, and he fumbled quite a bit trying to deal with his intense feelings. He’s used to being in charge of his emotions, but the passion and fire he feels for Bethany causes him to react irrationally at times, and to make bad decisions. Bethany's low self-esteem and insecurities caused her to feel like she was unworthy of Jace’s love and affections. It was hard for her to accept that a man like Jace wanted her. She also has a hard time letting go of her past, meaning Jack, and moving on with her life. With every bump in the road this couple experienced, they fought tooth and nail to be with each other.

This story is very sexy and kinky. I really think lovers of erotica will not only pant over the sizzling sexy times between Bethany and Jace, but they are also going to drool over the extremely erotic threesome between Jace, Ash, and Bethany. Whew. Just thinking about it gets me all hot and bothered.

Unfortunately, this story has a bad case of insta-love. I’m just not a fan of this type of love story. I really wish the author spent some time developing their friendship, slowly building up the relationship before they jumped into a relationship. It felt unrealistic when they were confessing their affections after only knowing each other for two days. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes during their heartfelt conversation. I understood the fierce attraction, but expressing your heartfelt feelings for someone right away just didn’t work for me. Eh, that may just be the skeptic in me talking too.

Gabe and Mia play an integral role in this story which made me jump for joy. I really adore this couple. We also get quite a bit of Ash as well. Part of the story is seeing how Ash and Jace handle their friendship when they are no longer sharing the same woman for the first time. There is definitely a lovely bromance between Gabe, Ash, and Jace. Especially between Ash and Jace. I'm definitely looking forward to Ash's book. I want to know the woman who tames this man. What kind of heroine does it take to make Ash a believer in love?

Overall, I’m giving this modern day Cinderella story high marks for the enjoyment factor and the likeable characters. Maya Banks is an incredibly romantic and passionate writer. I can tell she puts her heart and soul into her books. I highly recommend reading Fever, which can be read as a stand-alone.


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