Twice as Nice: Letitia's Take on Down London Road by Samantha Young


Down London Road (On Dublin Street #2) by Samantha Young
NAL (May 7, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Johanna Walker – Selfless, Wonderful Big Sister
Hero: Cameron MacCabe – Thoughtful, Adopted 

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The Johanna Walker we knew in On Dublin Street is not the same woman in this book. Well, she is… but we get to know the woman inside, not just the woman everyone else sees. And Jo is wonderful. Selfless. Determined. Quiet and pleasing. She lives a life where the waters around her are always churning, so she’s constantly careful not to rock the boat. With an absent father and a worthless mother, Jo is the primary caretaker of her little brother. She’d do anything for him and has. Including trying to secure a good future for him by securing a rich man.

Which is why most people assume she’s a gold digger when they first meet her. Cameron MacCabe makes the same mistake – and calls her on it. The things he says to her, the way he initially treats her, had me tearing up a lot. That man can be wicked with his words. He can rip you open or make you melt. He also has a tendency to bring out Jo’s fiery side. Around Cam, Jo becomes a hellion who can give it right back to him.

Watching these two growl and grumble and bicker and take little jabs at each other— really ratchets up the sexual tension. And, let me tell you, there is A LOT of sexual tension. Wow. You could feel it like a warm blanket, wrapped all around you. Cam could say the simplest, most honest things and it made me swoon like it was poetry. Because once he finally sees Jo, realizes she isn't heartless, that her problem isn’t that she doesn’t care – it’s that she cares too much, he uses his way with words for good instead of bad. And, oh, he is really good. *wink*

And Cam’s just what Jo needed in her life. Cam doesn’t let her get away with her penchant to mollycoddle. He wants the woman hiding inside and he won’t stop till Jo let’s her free. I loved every moment between these two. Every moment between Jo and her brother, or Cam and her brother… And, of course, Joss and Braden, Ellie and Adam. There’s so much heart in this story. So much feeling. It wore me out with the crying and the smiling and the swooning but it was sooo worth it.

In On Dublin Street, Samantha Young made me fall for a rough-around-the-edges, no-nonsense Scottish hottie, named Braden Carmichael, who made my heart flutter every time he said ‘babe’. In Down London Road, Samantha Young made me fall for a straight-shooting, tough-love giving Scotsman, named Cameron MacCabe, who made my insides mushy with every word out of his mouth. I thought there could be no way that Mr. MacCabe could measure up to the sexy, sexy Mr. Carmichael but I thought wrong, ladies. Way wrong! Cam… is amazing. I think I love him even more than Braden.

Favorite Quote:

Joss bit her lip. “I don’t know if that would work for me.”
I eyed her incredulously. “Are you telling me you couldn’t go without sex for a few days?”
”I don’t think so.”
”Where is your willpower?”
"My friend took a swig of her Diet Coke. “Hey, you haven’t had sex with Braden Carmichael.”
”Yeah, but I’ve had perfectly good sex and I could still abstain for a few days.”
”Perfectly good sex?” Cam interrupted us, drawing both our gazes. His voice was low with some unnamed emotion. “Abstain?” His now heated eyes ran the length of me before returning to meet mine. “Then he isn’t doing it right.”


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