Review: Not Until You Part VII by Roni Loren


Not Until You Part VII: Not Until You Believe by Roni Loren
InterMix (July 23, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Cela Medina – Sheltered, Inexperienced 
Hero: Ian Foster – Dominant, Reluctant 


Previous Reviews: Part I and II, Part III and IV, & Part V and VI.





Oh, these two crazy kids. Cela and Foster, what am I going to do with you? When we last left them, Foster went uber-dominant and, though coming from a loving place, wanted to basically LoJack Cela. Used to being smothered by her dad, there was no way that shit was going to fly. So, Cela flew—away from Dallas and Foster.

After a lot of time apart and experiencing the not-so-wonderful joys of working for her dad, Cela's missing Foster. All of him. Still not understanding her submissive needs, she can't help but fantasize nightly about what Foster would do to her. And she might even be imagining naughtier, rougher scenarios than they’d experienced together—craving things Foster didn’t have a chance to show her. For Foster's part, he's been doing a lot of self-loving too. Plus sleepless nights spent consumed by Cela. When he realizes just what she means to him, off he goes to see her. See if she's happy or if she misses him like he misses her.

This installment may be my favorite, as both characters had a good amount of growth. Hopefully the time apart made them reevaluate things and truly figure out exactly what they want. No more wishy-washiness. I don't think my heart or nerves can take more backpedaling—especially from Cela. I can cut her some slack, as she's a 23 year old former virgin and Foster is.... well, a whole lot of man... but, dang girl. Make up your mind. (And, really, it’s Foster! No hard choice there, even if he is almost crazily protective.) With only one installment left, this one has left me clamoring for more. I need to read their HEA!


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