Review: Wicked Beat by Olivia Cunning


Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour #4) by Olivia Cunning
Sourcebooks Casablanca (August 6, 2013)

Rating: A-
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Rebekah – Soundboard Operator, Wants to feel sexy
Hero: Eric Sticks – Drummer, Pervert





From the moment Eric Sticks first got his perv on in Backstage Pass, a hot little scene with Brian and Myrna, I was all about the Sinners drummer (although, there is an even hotter scene with Eric, Aggie, and Jace in Hot Ticket). More than a little bit odd, and always saying the craziest things, I could tell there was so much hidden underneath all that. A loneliness. A vulnerability. And, well, his unusual charm combined with his pervy tendencies made me fall for him completely. The woman who gets Eric, deserves him, should be a special kind of woman.

And, at first, I did not think that woman should be Rebekah. In the beginning, she was all, "Ooh, Trey, I want Trey. Trey is soo sexy," and it brought out my inner witch. Don't get me wrong, Trey is sex on a stick, but she had Eric Sticks right in front of her. Doing the most charming darn things. Saying the most outrageously sweet and sexual things. (I have adored Eric from the first book… I mentioned that, right? *wink*) Thankfully, Rebekah clues in fast (though not quite as fast as I’d have preferred). Once I got to know her, her past and her struggles, she really became one cool chick. Sassy but shy, Reb has a tender heart and is exactly what Eric needs.

What Eric needs… well, Eric needs love and affection and some TLC. Reb gives him that and a whole lot more. These two get up to some very salacious and naughty stuff. They take the phrase ‘sexual healing’ and reinvent it. Every fantasy either one has, they explore it—from naughty nurses to misbehaving French maids. And while they're doing it, they sooth a lot of old hurts that both of them have.

But in between the fantasies, reality keeps intruding. The most annoying intrusion being Reb’s mother. Fanatical and almost rabidly judgmental, the woman was a serious downer every time she showed up. The way she talked down to Eric, the devious things she did, combined with the way Reb and her family just let her… Well, it put my hackles up. As did Rebekah’s interactions with her ex. Both had me seeing red. Poor Eric. Rebekah does finally find her spine and speak up but, dang, the family drama was almost a mood killer.

In Wicked Beat, Eric Sticks becomes so much more than the playful voyeur we’ve seen in the previous books. I loved seeing him become a sexy and mischievous lover, instead of just the guy watching from the sidelines. Reb brought out a softer, more vulnerable side to him that made me love him even more. There is a world of hurt buried inside Eric Sticks and I loved seeing it disappear, page by page. Plus there’s the fact that this book is, no holds barred, sinfully hot. Wicked Beat is perverted in all the right ways.

Favorite Quote:

He wanted her. Rebekah. Wanted to watch her touch herself again. Damn, that had been so hot. He’d seen a lot of things in his day, well, mostly his nights, but watching Rebekah pleasure herself had turned him on like nothing in his experience. He didn’t only want to watch her though. He wanted to touch her. Kiss her. Taste her. Smell her. Hold her. Laugh with her. Cry with her. He wanted her.


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