Review: Unspoken by Jen Frederick


Unspoken (Woodlands #2) by Jen Frederick
Contemporary / New Adult
Pear Tree L L C (September 3, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: AnnMarie “AM” West – Ruined Reputation, Strong 
Hero: Bo Randolph – Underground Fighter, Marine






First of all, I would like to say thank you to Jen Frederick. Little did she know she was saving me from that dreaded book funk we all get into now and again. I was in the middle of browsing Amazon and my kindle for my next great read when Unspoken was brought to my attention and soon became the quick fix I needed for my romance junkie heart.

AnnMarie West, or AM, has been labeled a slut, a whore, and ruthlessly nicknamed Typhoid Mary; all because she lost her virginity one drunken night to a Lacrosse player and refused another player’s advances at the beginning of her freshmen year. Being ostracized and having vicious rumors spread about her has been hell. She’s had no choice but to exile herself while she’s in school. She never goes to anywhere on campus besides class or does anything campus related. And she certainly does not date anyone that goes to Central College. Which is why she feels all kinds of confusion and aggravation when AM is faced with another challenge… her biology partner Bo. With his adorable dimples, sexy physique, and witty remarks, he charms his way into her life and slowly starts to break down the invisible force field she’s put up to protect herself. She was so screwed. AM soon learns that resisting Bo is impossible. His overpowering, irresistible sexy and charismatic appeal is a force to reckon with.

“I don’t think someone gets a crush on Bo Randolph and comes away unscathed.” – AM

Two smoldering hot words: Bo Randolph. You must meet him. Bo is a former Marine who is impulsive, bad-tempered, unpredictable, and fights illegally in underground fighting matches. He has a bad reputation for being a man-whore. But underneath the layers that make up Bo, he’s protective, smart, kind, and vulnerable. Growing up, his father abused his mother and mentally messed with Bo’s head to the point that he did some regrettable things to get his father’s approval. Bo’s way to cope with the anger, guilt, and shame is to beat the crap out of his opponent in underground fighting matches. Bo’s attraction to AM started the year before when they had another class together. But she always shied away from him, and pretty much anyone, but her best girlfriend. Being her lab partner gives him the opportunity to get closer to her; to get to know the mysterious, quiet, beautiful girl. Once he gets to know her smart, witty, and independent side, he realizes she is everything he didn’t even know he wanted. This is the one and only girl capable of bringing him to his knees with want.

Bo and AM really complimented each other. They are charming together. They understand each other. They made each other better. They accept each other with all their many flaws and quirks. AM may be the girl with the bad reputation, but Bo didn’t see her that way. Bo really saw AM for who she is beyond the vicious rumors. Bo is the one who has the bad reputation and should be talked about. But women are the ones usually stamped a slut and the men are high fived for getting laid. It’s cruel and unfair and unfortunately happens often. So, I was definitely cheering when AM finally took back her dignity and confidence in one courageous move. Bo has his own issues to work through and, with AM, he’s able to find the strength to confront the past that hurt him so badly. With AM’s love and understanding, he’s able to be a better man.

“…I’ve had my share of hookups. All the girls I’ve been with have wanted the same thing that I was looking for – a temporary hit off the endorphin bong. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be enough for me anymore. Not since I’ve met you.” – Bo

You know me well, if you know how much I love a slow burning romance that builds on friendship. The chemistry between them is full of heart and passion and meltingly hot. Bo and AM become friends first and then lovers. Neither was ready for each other, so they took their time. The passion and desire that built up between them explodes on the pages when they do finally get their freak on… again and again and again. This story is definitely not lacking in the sexy times department.

When his cock bobbed up for attention, I looked up at Bo. “Let’s hope you know how to use that monster.”- AM

This book has some deep emotional moments, but it’s also wonderfully funny. Between the mayonnaise experiment and Bo’s most embarrassing story, I was laughing non-stop. The playful sparring between AM and Bo is laced with sharp, sarcastic humor and dipped in sexual tension – fantastic combination.

Unspoken has just the right balance of romance, humor, emotion, drama, and awesome main and secondary characters. I absolutely adored Jen Frederick’s hip, funny, poignant, and charming writing style. If you liked Easy by Tammara Webber, you will most likely enjoy this book. It has a rich college setting with a strong and sweet heroine and tattooed, bad boy hero that is easy to love.


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