Review: Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh


Archangel's Legion (Guild Hunter #6) by Nalini Singh
Jove (October 29, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Elena Deveraux – Hunter, Consort 
Hero: Raphael – Archangel, Consort






Archangel’s Legion starts out as a typical day in New York City until chaos begins when Angels start falling from the sky. Then Vampires start dying from a disease they should be immune to. Guild Hunter Elena Deveraux and the Archangel Raphael know they must get to the bottom of this as fast as possible to save their city--all while appearing like their forces haven’t been weakened. Many of the Angels were severely damaged and it could take months for them to heal. Guild Hunters and Raphael’s Seven join forces to find out who the ominous force is behind the devastation that is threatening their city. Over the course of the story, secrets are revealed, bonds are tested, love is strengthened, and alliances are formed. With war on the horizon, will they be able to save their city and survive the dark, powerful, and relentless force that wants ultimate power?

“We fall, we fall together.”


Nalini Singh’s writing is like fine wine. It just gets better with age. This series revolves around Raphael and Elena, who are one of my favorite couples in this genre. And the majority of this story focuses on the already prominent relationship between them. There is something so incredibly heady and primal about their relationship. They have an unbreakable bond that continues to strengthen with each installment. This is a solid couple that is 100% in love with one another and will sacrifice themselves for the other. I don’t think either one could or willingly survive without the other. Elena helps bring out Raphael’s human side, while Raphael influences Elena to become a stronger Angel and Consort. I really enjoyed seeing Elena come into her own as the consort in this installment. She really steps up as the compassionate and strong consort the angels can look up to and find solace. But these two are still trying to find their footing with one another. They both have strong personalities that tend to clash and, while they do bring out the best in each other, they can also bring out the worse.

Elena is a warrior hunter used to taking care of herself. She’s fiercely stubborn and hates showing her vulnerabilities. She continues to struggle with the nightmares from her past and issues with her father. Relying on Raphael proves to be a challenge. But she is coming to emotional terms that she is still considered a baby angel in their world, even though she is still a bad ass hunter, and learns to lean more on Raphael for strength and support. And, while Raphael is her equal in many ways, he’s still the powerful, almost omnipotent, Archangel that has lived many lifetimes. It’s a challenge for him to understand Elena’s human side that has a soft heart for all species. But every day he grows and changes as he learns more about humanity from Elena. Elena might possibly be his weakness, but this weakness works in his favor.

We are shown in this installment how different they are personality-wise as they grapple with compromise and crossing lines on certain things. They grow frustrated and angry with one another at times, which made for some molten hot angry sex scenes that were raw and passionate. But, when they made love, it was sensual and lovely. Raphael and Elena continue to leave me breathless with their achingly beautiful words, sensual touches and kisses, loyalty, and shining love they have for one another. But no matter how often they might not see eye to eye on certain matters, they always find a way to make it work as they learn from one another. They are the perfect balance that makes each other whole.

My favorite secondary characters include Raphael’s Seven: Dmitri, Aodhan, Galen, Illium, Jason, Naasir, and Venom. They are all incredibly intriguing with their dark secrets. They are powerful, unique, beautifully sexy, and always loyal to their sire, Raphael. I was stoked to get plenty of page time with my favorite warrior, Illium. I love that blue angel Elena calls Bluebell. My new favorite angel is Aodhan. There is one scene in particular that had my heart in my throat between Aodhan and Illium. I’m always mystified by these magnificent warriors Singh has created. We’ve already gotten Dimitri and Jason’s stories. I really hope we get the other five of the Seven.

Archangel’s Legion was an emotionally charged and intensely brilliant story that had me staying up late devouring it. It’s full of gripping action, suspense, mystery, intrigue, romance, wickedly sexy angels and vampires, kick ass hunters, and the world building is extremely well-developed. Nalini Singh is a master storyteller when it comes to spinning captivating stories with uniquely flawed and vibrant characters. The writing is rich in description and eloquent. I love the little twist at the end of this story that has me curious to see where Singh is taking that little piece of the storyline. Archangel’s Legion has easily reached the top of my list as one of the best paranormal romances I’ve read this year. I’m a total fan-girl when it comes to the Guild Hunter series and can’t recommend it enough. Though I do recommend starting with book one, Angel’s Blood. You won’t be disappointed.


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