Review: Theirs to Keep by Maya Banks


Theirs to Keep (Tangled Hearts Trilogy #1) by Maya Banks
Maya Banks (October 22, 2013)

Rating: B-
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Elle – No Memory, Survivor 
Hero: Cade Walker – Businessman, Caring 
Hero: Merrick Sullivan – MMA Fighter, Protective






When Theirs to Keep begins, Elle has been beaten so badly that she’s bruised and bloody. She’s also cold and lost and has absolutely no memory beyond waking up on a riverbank. All she wants—all she knows—is that she needs shelter, someplace warm, even if it means she has to commit breaking and entering to get it. That and she can’t let him find her, whoever he is.

Cade Walker, owner of a private security firm, responds to an alarm at one of his locations. Merrick Sullivan, his best friend, roommate, and a MMA fighter, always goes with him to possible break-ins. Though they expect to find a homeless person or kids up to no good, what they actually find is beautiful Elle. And both men know immediately that they want—no, need—to protect her. No matter what.

These two men are rough and tough and protective to the n'th degree. From the moment they take Elle home with them, they’re goners. They both see something special in Elle and they both want to call her their own. Knowing it could ruin their friendship if only one of them gets her, they decide to both love her. If Elle will let them.

And why wouldn’t Elle let them? Cade and Merrick are prime examples of grade A, quality man meat. Mmmhmm. Though Elle falls for them both, I’m a bit partial to Merrick. He is one sexy, muscled warrior with a heart of gold. I loved how they both cherish her and insulate her as Elle tries to figure out what happened to her. Tries to recover some of her missing memories.

Their to Keep was sensual and suspenseful. Though majority of the story focuses on Elle and her recovery, it is riddled with plenty of sexual tension. How can it not with two sexy men like Cade and Merrick? I do wish there had been more depth to their characters, as well as to Elle’s, in this installment but I think that may come in the next book. It would help to form the strong connection to them that sometimes felt missing. Overall, this is another wonderful and sexy book by Maya Banks. After the preview of the next book, Always Mine, at the end, I am definitely looking forward to it and all of the complicated drama it will bring.


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