Quickie: Untamed by Pamela Clare


Untamed (MacKinnon's Rangers) by Pamela Clare
Historical / Colonial
2012-01-03 (Berkley)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Amalie Chauvenet – French/Indian, Orphan
Hero: Morgan MacKinnon – Highlander, Ranger/Soldier 
Setting: New York, USA



Untamed takes place close to one year after the events in Surrender (review).

Morgan MacKinnon has taken his older brother’s place as Major of the Rangers now. On a routine attack on a convoy of French supplies, believed to be gunpowder kegs, Morgan finds himself shot. Knowing his death is inevitable, he orders his men to leave him behind. But death is not what Morgan finds behind the walls of the French’s Fort Carillon. What he finds is Amalie Chauvenet. And instead of burning slowly for days at the hands of the French’s allies, the Abenaki, he finds himself tortured by her—who he wants, who he desires so fiercely, who he covets with every breath… and who he cannot have.

Miz Clare… everything she writes nearly undoes me! Her books are remarkably vivid and dramatic. So rich with history that the people, the places, and the situations come alive on the page. It is wonderful to be completely swept away into a certain place and time—and, in the case of Miz Clare’s novels, said places and times are not the usual HR fare. I love the way she portrays colonial life and the conflicts that surely arose between the British and French. And the people caught in the middle.

I also love the humor weaved throughout, which adds levity to an otherwise dreary time in our nation’s history.

“Och, these bloody breeches are cuttin’ into my cods!”
“For God’s sake, Connor, you whinge and yammer like a dog! I’ve seen your cods, and they’re no’ that big!”

This series really has it all. Alpha heroes? Check. Smart heroines? Check. Dramatic plots with realistic twists and turns? Check. Sexy, bare chested highlanders? Ooh, check check!

Favorite Quote:

“So you’re thinkin’ that Rillieux’s kiss proves that the good sister spoke truly when she said that servin’ a husband is a travail?”
His eyes narrowed, his gaze upon her as if he were studying her, a grin tugging at his lips. “There’s one wee kinch to your thinkin’. What Rillieux did to you—that wasna truly a kiss.”
“It…It wasn’t?” The look in his eyes made her belly flutter.
“Nay, it wasna.” He reached out, wrapped an arm around her waist and—mon Dieu!—she knew what he meant to do. “This is a kiss.”


Thoughts While Reading:

0.0% - "Excited for this one!"
11.0% - "There he is! Lord William, resident bad boy of Fort Edward."
42.0% - "Gotta love first kisses."
54.0% - "Ut oh. I knew this moment was coming."


  1. This is a great review! Definitely on my list for August books TBR.

  2. You keel me. :P Thanks, dearest mine.


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