Review: A Notorious Countess Confesses by Julie Anne Long


A Notorious Countess Confesses: Pennyroyal Green Series by Julie Anne Long
Historical / Regency
Avon (October 30, 2012)

Rating: B
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Evie Duggan – Countess, Former Courtesan 
Hero: Adam Sylvain – Vicar, Cousin of the Everseas 
Setting: England



When I saw that this installment in the Pennyroyal Greene series would have a Vicar hero and a Courtesan heroine, I couldn’t help a little fist pump in the air followed by a, ‘Yes!’ The forbidden fruit, the irresistible temptation romance never fails to prick my heart and tug on my emotions. I love when seemingly complete opposites struggle and fight and, inevitably, give in to their overwhelming attraction. Which is exactly what we get in A Notorious Countess Confesses.

Granted, my enthusiasm was preceded by a bit of whining and a mournful, ‘Why?! I need Olivia and Lyon’s story now!’ *cough* hint *cough* But once I began reading, I quickly forgot about Lyon and Olivia (for the time being) and was consumed by Evie and Adam.

Evie Duggan has been many things in her lifetime thus far. Daughter. Orphan. Pseudo-Mother. Actress. Courtesan. Countess. Widow. She has done what was needed for herself and her siblings to survive. Used flirtation and charm and innuendo to get her, and thus her family, the things they needed. And somewhere along the way, her false face became her only face and she forgot exactly who Evie Duggan really is.

Until she meets Adam Sylvain. Straightforward and honest, unlike all of the other men Evie has known, she can’t use her wiles to manipulate him. Though he may be a bit rigid and unbending, Adam chooses to see the good in people and expects good things from them. He knows immediately there is more to Evie than the coquette she pretends to be. And he can’t help but want to get to know her, the true Evie that no one else gets to see. Even though it puts his position as vicar at risk.

It is always so much fun to revisit familiar places and characters. Pennyroyal Greene and its eclectic denizens never fail to bring the drama and feel-good entertainment. Although, I must say, in this book a good majority of Pennyroyal Greene’s residents aren’t on their best behavior.

More than one judges Evie harshly and says and does things that make her feel low. It tore at my gut to see her subjected to such treatment. After everything Evie has said and done, when all she wants is to have friends… Oh, how I felt for Evie! I just wanted to hug her tight and shake my finger at them and say, ‘Shame on you!’

And, occasionally, this applied to Adam as well. The man just can’t help himself sometimes. He doesn’t even realize till it’s too late how barbed and hurtful he can be. But if Evie can forgive him, then so can I. It definitely helps that he is a fine specimen of male flesh… and has a good heart.

A Notorious Countess Confesses is such an ardent and earnest romance. It leaves you with a goofy smile on your face and fills your heart full of warm and fuzzy feelings. And it has what might be one of my favorite, most creative, and completely fitting declarations of love. Oh, Adam Sylvaine, no one would dare call you a ‘smooth operator’ but you definitely have your moments! Sigh.

Now, Miz Long, can we please, pretty please, have Lyon and Olivia’s story next?

Favorite Quote:

He watched, as if in a dream, as his mouth lowered. And first just his breath stirred the fine dark hair. And then his lips, at last, were against her skin. He pressed, slowly, lightly, a kiss there.
Her breath hitched. Half sigh, half moan, the most wholly erotic sound he’d ever in his life heard.
His lips lingered softly, so softly. His breath, his mouth, savoring her.


Thoughts While Reading:

13.0% - "A vicar and a courtesan. Sounds like my kind of H/h!"


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