Quickie: A Kiss For Midwinter by Courtney Milan


A Kiss For Midwinter (Brothers Sinister #1.5) by Courtney Milan
Historical / Victorian
Courtney Milan (December 16, 2012)

Rating: A-
Heat: Sweet

Heroine: Lydia Charingford – Eternally Optimistic, Buried Pain 
Hero: Jonas Grantham – Doctor, Sarcastic
Setting: England



They say time heals all wounds… Time and doctors. Thankfully for Lydia Charingford, she happens to have both. And Dr. Jonas Grantham is going to help her move on even if she really doesn’t want to.

Lydia Charingford has been hurt, woefully wronged, in her not too distant past. And when I say woefully… I mean grievously and painfully wronged. But, for the last few years, she has buried her hurt and pain. Tucked it away and let it fester. All the while managing to see the good in life and people. All people except for Jonas, who was witness to the worst ordeal of her life.

Dr. Jonas Grantham held his tongue when he desperately wished he’d used his voice. Ever since that moment long ago, Jonas has refused to keep quiet even if what he has to say might offend. He’s honest and sarcastic and doesn’t hold back. And, even though he can understand why Lydia has every right to hate him, his feelings for her are quite the opposite.

Also, he had decided it would be best not to mention his main reason for wanting to marry—that he thought it expedient to procure a regular source of sexual intercourse without risking syphilis.

I loved watching Jonas try to win Lydia, in his own special way. He isn’t smooth but he is most certainly sincere. Which made every small compliment that much more powerful. And it was so touching to watch Lydia unravel at Jonas’ hands. Finally embrace her pain and heal. Their romance was tender and compassionate.

“Maybe I’m simply looking for an excuse to spend time in your company.” Maybe he wanted her to see him outside the social settings where he performed so poorly. He wanted a chance for her to see him, to break through the impossible wall of her dislike.
”Maybe,” he said, “I’m thinking that the days are dark and long, that midwinter is approaching. Maybe, Miss Charingford, all I really want is a kiss.”

A Kiss for Midwinter is a romance that is subtle and delicate with characters who are the exact opposite—veracious and strong. It is chock full of realistic facts taken from history that are, well, downright horrifying. (Thank goodness I was born in this century and not the 19th!) And I particularly love the way that Miz Milan shines a light on both Lydia and Jonas’ fathers—they are the quiet heroes of this tale!

*ARC was provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I enjoyed this book too! Having never read her before, I've been a bit of a Cortney Milan addict during my little holiday break from my own writing.

    1. Which ones have you read? My favorites are: Trial by Desire, Unclaimed, & The Governess Affair - but I pretty much adore them all!


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