One Night Stand: Killing Time by Cindy Gerard


Killing Time (One Eyed Jacks #1) by Cindy Gerard
Contemporary / Suspense 
Pocket Books (January 22, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Eva Salinas – Widow, CIA Attorney
Hero: Mike Brown – “Primetime”, Helicopter Pilot 
Setting: USA



Killing Time will take you on a thrilling, non-stop action ride with lots of twists, sexy alpha men, evil villains, and a very steamy romance. Cindy Gerard has started off her new One Eyed Jack series (a spin off of her Black Ops Inc. series) with a BANG!

For eight years, Mike “Primetime” Brown has been living with the guilt for losing his team members on a mission that went terribly wrong. Since then, he’s left the Navy as a helicopter pilot, started up an air cargo business in Peru that may or may not be legit, and has cut himself off from his former life. He used to drink heavily but now he is sober.

Except for every year on the day of the mission that went wrong. On that day he drinks himself into oblivion. Highly intoxicated and out of his mind with grief, he lets his guard down when Eva Salinas walks through the door of the bar where he is drinking. Within moments of seeing this beautiful woman, Mike falls in lust with her.

CIA attorney, Eva Salinas lost her husband eight years ago. He was one of Mike Brown’s team members and one of the casualties of the mission that went bad. She’s determined to uncover the truth behind her husband’s death after receiving a file where all the evidence points to Mike Brown for being the reason she lost her husband.

When Eva finds Mike in a bar drunk, she seduces him and then talks him into going somewhere “private.” She guides the drunken Mike into an alley and then sticks a needle full of Ketamine in his neck that immediately knocks him unconscious. To say Mike is pissed off when he wakes up, handcuffed to a bed with an angry Eva hovering over him, is a big understatement.

This interesting meet and greet turns into something more between them. As Mike tells Eva his story as to what really happen on the mission, they unite to find the truth behind the disaster mission that destroyed Mike’s career and killed Eva's husband.

Eva and Mike not only have incredible chemistry but once they learn to trust one another, they work great together. The mission they go under requires them to work closely together. And the way they dance around their attraction with flirty banter is so very fun and sexy. During this mission, Mike and Eva not only discover the truth of what happened eight years ago, but they also learn to move on from the past that haunts them. They also find love and companionship in one another.

“We will finish this,” he whispered, then dove back for one final taste. “When this is over, we will figure this out and we will finish it.”

I had my doubts about the story at first. But once I finally connected with the story and the characters, I couldn’t put the book down. I should’ve never doubted the talented Ms. Gerard. This story is fast paced and smartly written. Mike Brown’s snarky humor cracked me up. The romance is hot and steamy. And, we also get a little page time with my favorite Black Ops man from Show No Mercy, Gabe. You do not want to miss this fantastic, steamy, action-packed, suspenseful story!

Thoughts While Reading:

1.0% - "Helloooo Mike... I've been dying to be with you forever and now we are finally able to have a romantic book affair. :)"


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