One Night Stand: The Proposal by Katie Ashley


The Proposal by Katie Ashley
Contemporary / Erotica
Katie Ashley Productions (January 10, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Emma Harrison – Pregnant, Broken Heart
Hero: Aidan Fitzgerald – Father, The Heartbreaker
Setting: Georgia, USA


The Proposal is the highly anticipated sequel to The Proposition and is NOT a stand-alone. You must read The Proposition first before you even read this review or you will read spoilers from the first book. You can read my review here.


“A hopeful look entered his tortured eyes. “I’d give anything and everything in this world to redeem myself with you. Just please, please give me the chance.”

After the shocking ending of the first book, I was anxiously waiting to see what happens with Aidan and Emma. I was extremely mad at Aidan for his foolish mistake. I wanted Aidan on his knees groveling for Emma's forgiveness. The man not only paid the price for what he did, but he exceeded my begging expectations. And I fell even more in love with Aidan in The Proposal.

In the beginning of the story, Aidan is still in the dog house. He's miserable and struggling with losing Emma. He's lost sleep, lost weight, and drinking excessively. He's tried everything from begging in text messages to sending a whole florists shop of flowers to win Emma back. But he didn't just break Emma's heart, he crushed it into a million pieces.

Emma is not sure if she even wants Aidan back. She may love him, but she can't forget how he shattered her heart and her trust. So, she avoids Aidan at all cost and has cut off all communication with him. Yet, no matter how angry she is with Aidan, she still desperately misses him.

When Emma is suddenly put on strict bed rest six months into her pregnancy, Aidan eagerly steps in to take care of her. He does everything in his power, including taking a leave of absence from work, to make sure she is comfortable and well cared for. He even willingly goes out at one in the morning to get her a Wendy's fix. With these little gestures of affection, Aidan continuously proves himself more and more how much he is willing to sacrifice for Emma and his unborn son, Noah. He wanted nothing more than to have his family back. And it didn't take long before I had forgiven Aidan. But, even though he won me over, Emma and Aidan had a lot of problems to work through before they could be together.

I really didn't care for the part of the story with the doctor. Pesh is an ER doctor Emma met while in the hospital. When they first meet, there is an immediate attraction between the two. And when Emma accepts Pesh’s offer to check up on her at Aidan's house and also bring her dinner, I have to admit, by this point, I was exasperated with Emma. I kept thinking, "What are you doing woman?!" *sigh* I guess this time around, it was Emma's turn to be the idiot. All I wanted was Aidan, Aidan, and only Aidan to be in the picture. I do realize that Aidan really hurt her but, her actions were starting to mirror what Aidan did to her. It's ironic how I went from being furious with Aidan in the first book, to wanting nothing more than for Emma to admit that Aidan is the one and only man she wanted.

But, alas, things did turn around by the second half of the book. I really enjoyed how sweet and romantic this part of the story was. It was much more enjoyable than the first half, where I felt completely on edge and annoyed. Aidan, true to his word, came through for Emma. He proved his love. He proved she could trust him. He proved that he wasn't a complete scumbag after all. And he finally says those three little words that mean so much to Emma. So, Aidan does get to keep his thingie that I threatened in my first review. This once womanizing scoundrel really grew up in this story and became the best kind of man. And it didn't take the whole book for this couple to work their problems out. Hallelujah!

The Proposal is the perfect ending to Emma and Aidan's story. Tears, laughter, pain, and anger were all a part of their journey to finding what they were both looking for. Happiness.

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