One Night Stand: There is No Light in Darkness by Claire Contreras


There is No Light in Darkness (Darkness #1) by Claire Contreras
Contemporary / Suspense  
Claire Contreras (January 9, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Blake Brennan – Orphan, Lawyer 
Hero: Cole Murphy – Orphan, Sportscaster 
Setting: New York, USA



Even though I have the memories from my nightmares, I’m not sure I want to experience them in the light. They’re more real in the light. I should have kept them buried in the darkness, but it’s too late for that.”

There is No Light in Darkness is an incredible mix of suspense, mystery, plot twists, awesome secondary characters and a beautiful, hot and heavy romance. I devoured this book. If it weren’t for life getting in my way, I would’ve had it read in one sitting. The author did a wonderful job with the storyline where it switched back and forth from the past to the present. The main characters rocked this book, but Cole Murphy is what made this story so amazing. The man is divine.

Blake Brennan is a law student who has lived in a constant state of fear for many years. When she was four years old, her mother was murdered, she was kidnapped, and then dropped off at her Aunt Shelley’s house with no answers as to what happened to her family. At the age of thirteen, her aunt passes away and then she was dropped off at a Maggie’s home – a friend of Shelley’s. Maggie is a kind and considerate woman, who will take in children in need with no questions asked. Blake immediately forms family ties with Maggie and her son Aubrey, as well as Cole – another orphan who was dropped off by his father at a very young age.

Cole has no memories of his past and doesn’t know who his father is. Cole and Blake form a special friendship from the beginning and this friendship eventually turns into love when they are in high school. Because Blake is afraid of losing the people she loves, and having her heart broken by Cole, when they go off to college, Blake sets Cole free even though he insists there will never be anyone but her. As the years go by, Cole and Blake live their lives apart, in different states, but remain in touch even though, at times, things were very complicated between them. But, eventually, their friend status changes and they can no longer remain a part.

Now that Blake is older, she is determined to figure out the mystery of her past that she only remembers parts of. What happen to her parents? Why did she end up at Maggie’s? Her past is a puzzle. And as every piece of the puzzle is slowly revealed, what you thought you knew, you probably didn’t. I was utterly shocked by the plot twists. The author did a great job keeping me in the dark, guessing non-stop.

Cole, Cole, Cole… I have a mad crush on this man. The way he loves Blake is so fierce and utterly beautiful. Even though he made some mistakes in the past and present that may have hurt Blake, it was all because he was hurting from losing her. And no matter how many mistakes he made, his love and devotion towards Blake remained strong. The lengths this man would go to, so he could be with Blake, made my heat flutter. He stole my heart. Cole has my book boyfriend stamp of approval.

I loved Blake’s character. She has endured so much in her life but she is a survivor. And her strength keeps her grounded. She was determined to figure out her past, and this determination put her in quite a bit of danger, but she never backed down. Gotta love a woman who stands her ground. She fiercely loves her friends that have become her family. She will do anything to keep them safe, especially Cole.

The fabulous five, as I like to call them, were all great characters. Greg and Becky who have been together since they were kids were awesome! Aubrey, Blake’s roommate and best friend, loved Blake so much that he followed her to Chicago to keep her safe and secure--and also because he really loves her. He’s like a brother to Cole even though they are no related. All of these characters brought so much substance to this story.

The best part about this story was seeing Blake and Cole grow up and fall in love. Not only do they have an intense, hot and heavy romance, they are one hundred percent devoted to one another. If there were any two people who belonged together, it’s Cole and Blake. Both of their lives have been tainted by tragedy and, because of this, they become each other’s rock. The intensity of the story as Blake and Cole begin to discover secrets of their past had my heart beating rapidly. The feelings this story evoked in me are indescribable. I felt everything Blake and Cole went through.

I can’t recommend this story enough, to anyone who loves a good mystery and romance. But, let me clarify something, there is a huge cliffhanger at the end. Miz Contreras has promised to release the second story as fast as possible. However, in the meantime, I am going to be on pins and needles waiting for the second book.

Thoughts While Reading:

22.0% - "This book is amazing so far! It took three tries before I finally found a book that holds my interest today. And this book is hard to put down! Thank you Erin for the recommendation. :)"


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