Review: Required Surrender by Riley Murphy


Required Surrender by Riley Murphy
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc. (February 6, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Josephine Nehr – Feisty sub
Hero: Ted Basel – Reluctant Dom
Setting: USA



Josephine Nehr was sexually assaulted by someone she trusted. Since then she has been incapable and unwilling to become involved with any man. Looking to move past her issues, she decides the best way to do so is by reliving a similar experience. Jo wants the pain. Wants to give up control, in a controlled way.

But there is a major road block in her plans. A road block named Ted Basel. One of three of the club's co-owners and a Dom, he refuses to pair her with a Dom. Mostly because he's drawn to her himself, but also because he knows that she has issues and isn't going about working through them the right way. When he finally gives in and assigns a Dom to her, it doesn't go as expected.

Because Jo wants Ted. He's the Dom for her and no other will do. She won't submit to anyone else. No other can get past her defenses. So, against his better judgment, Ted relents and agrees to give her what she wants. On his terms. And thus begins a battle of wills between a reluctant Dom and a feisty sub.

And by feisty sub, I mean there is A LOT of bratting. Whew. I am all for the bratting – sometimes the punishment is the reward – but damn. Jo is a sub of another color. She takes spirited to a whole new level. Not that I blame her, because Ted isn't exactly in the right mindset most of the time he's with her.

Ted has some serious issues of his own to work through. The man does not trust women. At all. Because of that, he sometimes came across as a bad Dom. He wants the truth but never gives it. And he treats Jo, knowingly, how she doesn't want to be treated. Forcing her to go past her hard limits. Which turn out not to be so hard, but still. If she's lists them as such, he should respect that. He doesn't go easy on her at all. And I wasn't a fan of him forcing her into a Master/slave relationship solely to keep her at a distance. It was all very… complicated.

But I did enjoy it immensely. Kink comes in many flavors and this dynamic was a new one for me. Miz Murphy can write some seriously sexy scenes that are hot and kinky and imaginative. Her characters stand out. The BDSM lifestyle felt real.

Favorite Quote:

“Do it. I want you to come for me now. Now.”

It was the last push into her that did it. That hard caress sent her over the edge and she fell. Hard. Fast. Gasping for breath as she involuntarily quivered and shook.

Her whole body reacted. Every muscle within her tensed while the lower ones clamped around his fingers and squeezed.

“Jesus fuck, that’s what I’m after. Once my cock gets in to you, you’re going to milk me with this kind of strength. Do you want to milk the come out of me?”

The suspended squeeze snapped as her body let go. Trembling and quaking until she heard his groan. At the sound, her insides melted and she spun out of control. Falling off the edge of the world until a flood of hot desire poured. She was sure it rushed down his fingers and pooled into his palm.

He kissed her hip, her navel and the top of her mound. “I’m proud of you, princess. Very, very proud.”


Thoughts While Reading:



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