Review: Rush by Maya Banks


Rush (Breathless #1) by Maya Banks
Berkley Trade (February 5, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Mia Crestwell – Submissive, Life Long Crush
Hero: Gabe Hamilton – Dominant, Older Man
Setting: New York, USA



Mia Crestwell has had a crush on Gabe Hamilton since she was a teenager. There was something about the man, who also happens to be her older brother’s best friend and business partner, that made him her ultimate fantasy. A fantasy she never thought would come true, since she always felt invisible around him. But Gabe did notice her and she became his forbidden fruit. A temptation he never planned on giving in to, even though he knew she would become a beautiful, amazing woman one day.

Then the day neither one ever expected happened. Mia shows up at a business party looking for her brother, dressed in a super sexy dress. Gabe takes one look at Mia and her in his bed is a foregone conclusion. Well, after she signs his multi-page contract… A contract that outlines every aspect of their relationship.

Yeah, you read that right. Gabe makes his sexual partners sign on the dotted line before any hanky-panky. And it’s a definite obstacle Mia and Gabe will have to work around and overcome. But what else would you expect from a self described 'primitive asshole'? One who loves rough sex and needs ultimate control over his partners?

Mia is the perfect counterpart for such a man. Even though she’s unsure what she wants in life and has always been protected by her brother, she’s looking for new experiences. Adventure. And when Gabe offers her a sexual relationship unlike anything she’s ever known, she’s ready to submit.

Gabe is going to be a very polarizing hero. You will love him - or you won't. He’s very dominating, exacting, and closed off. Which could translate to asshole for some. For me, I got it. And I liked it. He has his reasons and, yeah, he's a tough one to crack, but he's not Fort Knox. Being able to read his point of view helps a lot.

Which is one of my favorite parts of this book – and this series in general. It’s told in the third person, so as a reader we’re able to really get to know both characters. I loved being able to get inside a man like Gabe’s head. He is messed up and conflicted and tends to lash out. But even though Mia is submissive, she isn’t his doormat. Or his slave. And while he might want to control her and own her, she’s still her own person with her own friends and life. I was happy to see her never let go of that.

Rush is a sublimely kinky and seductive romance. The sex is so hot it will set your insides on fire. There is no doubt in my mind that I would’ve signed Mr. Hamilton’s contract! None. He is a bad, bad boy with a wonderfully naughty side. Mmm. If you’re looking for something to keep you warm tonight, Gabe is more than up to the task!

I can’t wait to see what Miz Banks has in store for us next with Jace and Ash. It’ll be interesting to meet the women that separates that delicious duo.

Favorite Quote:

“No panties at work. They’ll just get in the way,” he said, his eyes gleaming as he stared at her.
She glanced at the skirt and top on the bed, and then back at Gabe. “I can’t wear a skirt and no underwear!”
He lifted an eyebrow. “You’ll do as I want, Mia. That’s the agreement.”
”Oh dear God. What if someone sees?”
He laughed. “How will they see unless you show them? I want to look at you and know you’re wearing nothing underneath this skirt. And it makes it so much easier to just hike it up and slide my dick into your pussy.”


Thoughts While Reading:


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  1. I think I liked this one a lot more than I thought I would...and I actually cried at the end. Don't know why I ended up with tears...Ms. Banks must be doing something right for me to get so emotionally involved!


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