Review: Wild Man by Kristen Ashley


Wild Man (Dream Man #2) by Kristen Ashley
Forever (December 11, 2012)

Rating: C+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Tessa O’Hara – Baker, Divorced
Hero: Brock Lucas – Cop, Father
Setting: Colorado, USA



Kristen Ashley has pretty much cornered the market on alpha heroes. If you’re craving a hero with more than his fair share of testosterone, pick up a Kristin Ashley book. Her fellas will have you feeling fantastically feminine in seconds. Wild Man is no exception to this rule.

Tessa O’Hara has been dating – and having fabulous sex – with Brock Lucas for a few months now. The only problem? She knows him by another name. Jake. When Tess discovers he’s actually an undercover DEA agent, well, Brock has some ‘splaining to do.

Luckily for Brock, Tessa is sweet - and forgiving. Once they clear the air, their relationship can actually become something real. And Brock is exactly what Tessa needs in her life. Protective, straight-forward and blunt, he helps Tessa get rid of the poison in her gut leftover from her horrid first marriage. And the maternal Tess helps Brock settle and reclaim his family. Brock and Tess were completely cute together and I loved how, even though the first part of their relationship was rocky, they never played games. That part was drama-free.

Which is a very good thing because no other part of their relationship is drama-free. Not when you throw in catty ex-wives and drug lord ex-husbands and meddling brothers and interfering sisters. Oh, and a custody battle from hell.

So why was this only an okay read for me? Well, even though I adored Tessa and Brock is definitely my kind of guy... Sigh. Honestly part of it is Tessa’s age (don’t shoot me!). Forty-three. Also, there were A LOT of time jumps. And repeated dialogue (I love Elvira and the girls but, c’mon, there were too many repeated exchanges). And then the love scenes were broken up weird. Sometimes they’d start at the end, other times they’d start at the beginning and then skip the end.

All in all, Wild Man was a decent second installment in Miz Ashley’s Dream Man series. It’s always great to see a heroine who has been unlucky in love find her man. Now I can’t wait to read the next book—Law Man. Bring on that sexy detective Mitch Lawson!

Favorite Quote:

“Now, let’s go back to me bein’ like chocolate that melts in your mouth.”
“That isn’t exactly what I meant,” I told him, his arms went around me and he rolled to his back, taking me with him. Then his hand sifted into my hair, fisted gently and my head came up.
“I would hope not, darlin’, seein’ as every time you take me in your mouth, the last thing I do is melt.”


Thoughts While Reading:



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