Twice as Nice: Paula’s Take on Rush by Maya Banks


Rush (Breathless #1) by Maya Banks
Berkley Trade (February 5, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Mia Crestwell – Submissive, Little Sister of Best Friend 
Hero: Gabe Hamilton – Dominant, Wealthy Older Man
Setting: New York, USA



Mia Crestwell's life changes dramatically when she runs into her brother's best friend, Gabe Hamilton, at his hotel's grand opening. Even though Gabe is fourteen years older than her, she has been lusting after him for a very long time. However, Mia is not the only one who has been fantasizing about a forbidden romance. Gabe has waited a long time to act upon his secret desire to be with Mia. And, now that she is a woman, the time has come for Gabe to make his proposition to have Mia. Not just have her in his bed, but to own her.

Because Gabe has intense sexual needs, and was spurned by his ex-wife's accusations during their very nasty divorce, he needs his sexual partners to sign a contract. Being who he is, and always in the limelight, this contract not only gives Gabe privacy but it's a consent form making the women aware of his intense, physical and provocative needs. Sounds crazy, right? Well, I can see where he comes from considering what his wife did to him.

When Gabe makes his offer and presents the contract to Mia, she is stunned yet intrigued by the proposition. Gabe is not only offering her a job to be his personal assistant, but he's also propositioning to be her sexual partner in every way possible with no strings attached. No love. Mia is definitely interested in Gabe, but is she ready to get involved with the man she might possibly have loved since she was a teenager, knowing he could break her heart when he is done with her? The answer is yes. Mia takes a chance and signs the contract. What she gets in return is more than she ever bargained for.

It took some getting used to our hero, Gabe, in the beginning, since he was a bit too domineering and cold. His asshole tendencies made him an alpha-hole to the 100th degree. But, because the story is also told from his POV, I started to understand Gabe better. He may be intense in the bedroom but he's also a generous man and a caregiver. Unfortunately, because of his wife's betrayal, he is afraid to love again. Loving again means giving away a piece of himself that could cause him pain and heartache later on down the road. But, once he enters this contractual relationship with Mia, the woman completely took his breath away with her kindness, thoughtfulness, beauty, and understanding of Gabe's needs. Not only did Mia understand Gabe more than any other woman ever has, but she never judged him. Eventually, over time, Mia not only becomes Gabe's obsession, but his heart's desire.

She was his drug. His addiction that he was helpless to break. Moreover he had no desire to ever break it.

I feel like because Mia has known Gabe for so long, and knew what happened to him with his parents and his wife, she understood Gabe better than most people. As she peels back layer after layer of Gabe's armor, she saw the true side of the man he tries to hide from everyone else. She also never balked at his sexual needs. Was she afraid? Absolutely. But she trusted him. And when he exposes her to some very kinky demands in the bedroom, Mia realizes that she's not afraid but aroused by the intense sex they have. This is confusing for Mia because Gabe makes her question everything about herself. As she takes this erotic journey with Gabe, she discovers this is exactly what she wants and who she wants to be with. But will Gabe be able to commit?

I thought Mia to be the perfect match for Gabe. Mia is strong and it definitely takes a strong woman to be able to handle Gabe. She doesn't take his shit and questions him regularly, rather than just bend over backwards for him. Well, that depends, of course, on whether they are having sex or not. *wink* Besides, like Mia says in the book, what can he do, spank her again? I think that was wishful thinking on Mia's part because Gabe would be more than happy to give Mia a spanking. The man loves his kink and dirty pillow talk.

Gabe does makes a huge mistake in one part of the book, but he quickly learns that he screwed up and he atones for his mistake. This mistake made Gabe finally realizes how important Mia is to him. I think with all the groveling and endearments, he completely redeems himself by the end of the book. Call me sadistic, but I really, really enjoyed all the groveling. And I loved how Mia brought Gabe to his knees, literally. Not only did I really enjoy the groveling, but guess what, there is no cliffhanger! Finally, an erotic tale with a billionaire that has a happy ending.

"You deserve someone who will fight for you always and I want to be that mean if you’ll just give me another chance.”

Rush is the first story in Maya Banks new erotic trilogy about three best friend who are wealthy real estate moguls. It's an oh so very kinky, and sensually erotic story. The next story in this trilogy is Fever. I'm so looking forward to this story. Who is the lucky lady that gets to share Ash and Jace and breaks this double tag duo a part? Don't understand why I say this, read Rush. I think you will love these two. I know I did!

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