Review: Let It Go by Brooklyn James


Let It Go by Brooklyn James
Arena Books (March 22, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Savannah Bondurant – Journalist, Divorcee 
Hero: Brody McAlister – Gym Boy, Divorcee  



Savannah Bondurant, writer for the Savannah Sun Times, has just signed her divorce papers. And now she is looking forward to starting fresh. She’s come to terms with her divorce. But that doesn’t mean she’s ready to start over with someone new. Yet she can’t help but notice the hot as sin man that works out at her gym, who she's nicknamed gym boy. The sexy, ripped to perfection, beautiful blue-eyed man with a charming smile is definitely hard to miss.

Think Stuart Reardon. Siiiigh. Okay, all done.

So, after crushing on him from afar, she was surprised, maybe a little bit nervous, when he approaches her one day at the gym. During this meet and greet, they exchange smiles, flirty words, and now lust is in the air.

Brody McAlister, aka gym boy, is a recovering divorcee. His ex-wife burned him. Ever since his divorce, he’s become picky about the women he dates – not willing to settle. He’s been eyeing Savannah from a distance for a year. She intrigues him. And now he wants to get to know her. When he finally decides to talk to her, he immediately realizes there is something special about her. So he takes a chance and leaves his number on her car window hoping to hear from her. And he eventually he does.

One spontaneous night, Savannah decides to go over to Brody’s house. There were no games. Her intention was clear. She wanted Brody. Whether it was out of loneliness or just needing to feel attractive and sexy again, she didn’t know. But what she did know, she wanted this man even if it was for one sexy night.

Although she walked away from Brody the next morning, never expecting to see him again, except maybe at the gym, lingering thoughts of the sexy, charming man kept invading her thoughts. Will Savannah decide take a chance with Brody?

"We all have to go through something to become someone, right? Our destiny, there for the taking. If we're brave enough to claim it."

I really liked Savannah as our heroine. She’s strong, intelligent, and very goal-oriented. She handled her husband’s immature antics as he tries to win her back with stride. Her strength and maturity was admirable. It was liberating to see a heroine be so incredibly mature about ending her marriage when she realized it was over, instead of continuing to beat a dead horse.

Although, even with her strength, she still had hang-ups about the divorce and starting a new relationship. It was hard for her to trust, to not over-analyze everything, and to be comfortable with moving forward with someone new. She knows that her marriage ran its course and it was time to end things, but that doesn’t mean she wasn't still emotionally hurting.

Brody is the full package – kind, confident, charismatic, playful, and sexy to boot. He wooed me with his sweet words. Because he's been divorced for three years, he's had time to lick his wounds and mend from his divorce. He’s ready to take a chance with Savannah. Ready to see where this incredible chemistry he has with Savannah goes. Can he make her see how perfect they are together?

"We all have scars, Savannah. Wounds. They take time to close. To heal. But in the meantime, you'd be better off to stop second-guessing yourself. Beating yourself up over past mistakes. Trust me."

Brody and Savannah are both at different stages in their divorce. And because Brody has had more time to come to terms with his divorce, he becomes Savannah’s confidant. Someone she can lean on as she goes through all of the stages after her recent divorce. They say you shouldn’t talk about your past relationships with someone you are currently interested in, but that’s not the case with Savannah and Brody. They do the exact opposite. They put it all on the table. What they want out of a new relationship. And talk about what went wrong in their marriages. By talking about their issues, they slowly work through their relationship hang ups and form an easy, laid back friendship. Now that’s refreshing. They actually talked about their issues.

And, of course, there is definitely heat and passion between Savannah and Brody. They have a fierce connection from the first moment they meet. What they had with their past relationships doesn't hold a candle to the heady chemistry they have with one another.

"His intuition magic, he reads her, every part of her like his favorite book, knowing exactly how to touch her, taste her, enchant her."

Miz James definitely knows how to write hot and steamy sex scenes.

But things aren’t perfect with this couple. There is definitely drama when a relentless ex-husband keeps coming around trying to win back Savannah and a manipulative cougar who wanted to get into Brody's pants. That woman made my claws come out.

If I were to complain... There are a lot of secondary characters in this story. The POV switches non-stop between these characters. That was somewhat distracting for me. I would have rather had just the hero and heroine’s POV.

But that doesn't mean I didn't like the secondary characters…because I really did. These two have big, devoted families who care about them. And want nothing but the best for them. Which means they were completely involved, or shall I say, all up in Savannah and Brody’s business. Their families gave this story a small town feel to the story which I really liked. Especially since the story is based in Savannah, Georgia. The beautiful description of Savannah added a nice, homey touch to the story.

Let it Go is a feel good, thought-provoking, romantic contemporary that revolves around two divorcees who are learning how to reconnect in a new relationship after both experiencing a failed marriage. Savannah and Brody discover together that it's very possible to move on and find love again the second time around and at the end of the day, let it all go.

Oh, and Miz Brooklyn, I had no idea what a shag shirt was. This gave me a good laugh. I think I have a few from when my husband and I were dating. *snickers*


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