Review: The Stillness Of You by Julie Bale


The Stillness Of You (Beautifully Damaged #1) by Julie Bale
Contemporary / New Adult 
Julie Bale (March 11, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Georgia King – Bipolar, Artist
Hero: Ben Lancaster – Hockey Player, Incredibly Perfect  






The Stillness of You is an emotionally charged, sexy, and beautiful contemporary romance. This story is heavy, a little dark, but also sweet and funny. Julie Bale does a remarkable job dealing with the delicate subject matter entwined within the story. The way she describes Georgia’s thought process, as a person who is bipolar, was vivid and intense. The author didn’t gloss over the ugliness that comes with having the disorder, which made this story feel more personal, realistic, and raw. Prepare yourself for a gripping story that will tug at your heart strings.

Georgia King has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. For a long time, Georgia was slowly self-destructing. Spending her days partying, abusing alcohol and drugs, and having random sex with strangers - all so she could quiet the storm that was brewing inside her head. That is, until her mind finally cracked, and the darkness consumed her to the point she almost died. Nine months later, after being treated for her disorder, the darkness in her mind has receded with the help of medication and therapy. She lives with her protective and loving brother, Matt, one of the assistant coaches for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Hockey superstar, Ben Lancaster, has just been traded to play for the Philadelphia Flyers. He is also Matt and Georgia’s new houseguest until he finds a place of his own. The moment Georgia and Ben meet, they are instantly attracted to one another. Ben, who is gorgeous, young, and sweet, could have any puck bunny he wants, but he found himself drawn to Georgia. No other woman has ever pulled him in the way she does. Georgia knows she's not in a good place in her life, so she tries to keep Ben at arm’s a distance. But the longing to be with each other becomes all-consuming and the undeniable attraction between them becomes impossible for them to resist. Even with the fierce connection they share, Georgia continues to hide her dark secret from Ben, which could potentially tear them apart if she doesn’t let him in.

I ruined things. I ruined people. I was my mother’s daughter through and through.

My heart went out to Georgia. She’s a damaged and broken woman screaming to be released from a mental disorder that binds her to medication. She wants to be able to feel again without all the crazy highs and lows. I completely understood why she had a tough time explaining her secret. It’s not exactly a dinner conversation topic. How to do you tell the man you’re falling for that you’re bipolar? This is a serious disorder that could make or break any relationship. She internally battled with herself to tell Ben the truth. For one thing, she was scared of losing him. And secondly, she was scared of dragging him down with her. I could feel the pain and sadness as she struggled with her insecurities, thinking she wasn’t good enough for Ben. She saw Ben as far too good for her and feared she would ruin him. What she didn’t realize is that Ben saw her as summer and beauty and everything he wants in a woman. Ben saw her for who she truly was. And, from the moment he met her, he knew he had to have her.

Ben is an amazing hero. No matter how many times Georgia tried to push him away, he would dig his heels in and make sure she knew just how important she was to him. He knew she was holding back from giving all of herself to him. And what did Ben do? He loved her unconditionally anyway. He gave her his heart, even though he knew she could possibly break it in two. His patience with Georgia was admirable. He gave her space and time he thought she needed to let her walls down. He took the crumbs of her past that she would slowly reveal and could only hope she would eventually open up to him. So, when Georgia finally divulges her secrets to him, it was an incredible scene. My heart swelled and my hands fluttered to my mouth and then I cried happy tears. His reaction was just perfect. I’m not sure that I can express just how much I swooned over Ben Lancaster. Ladies, you need to meet this man.

“You’re wrong you know. I love you. All of you, even the pieces that you won’t show because all that stuff makes up that circle and I don’t give a flying fuck if it’s broken. I love every cracked and fragmented piece of you.”

It was effortless to love this couple and root for them the entire way. Ben and Georgia may have incredible sexual chemistry, oh yes, there is a lot of heat and steam in the bedroom, and it’s extremely sexy… But, they also have a connection between them that goes much deeper than their attraction. I can honestly say the author did a wonderful job developing this relationship. Even though there is an instant attraction in the beginning, the author took us on a journey that was so much more. This story is about love, but it’s also about trust, acceptance, and finding yourself.

This is one of those books that came out of nowhere and smacked me in the face with how wonderful it is. Some books just need to be read and this is one of them. Even though there are some things left unresolved, it’s not a cliffhanger. The ending leaves us on a happy note. But this story is not done being told. I’m most definitely planning to continue on with Ben and Georgia’s story in the second book, The Chaos In Me, which comes out sometime in the Spring or Summer of 2013.


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