Review: After Hours by Cara McKenna


After Hours by Cara McKenna
InterMix (April 16, 2013)

Rating: A-
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Erin Coffey – Nurse, Judgemental 
Hero: Kelly Robak – Orderly, Bossy 






Oh, my gosh. Am I blushing? I think I am. I might also be giggling and tittering like a teenage girl. Why? Two words, one man: Kelly Robak. If you haven't met him yet, you're going to want to. Our lucky heroine didn't know what she was in for with the rough and gruff Mr. Robak, but, ohhhh, she is one lucky lady.

Erin Coffey has spent most of her life taking care of her little sister. Driven and a bit relentless when it comes to her now not-so-little sister, Erin moves to a new town and starts a new job to be close to her. Because both her mom and her sister have a history picking bad guys and her sister's latest one has a temper. So Erin has decided to take the first nursing job available, which happens to be working in the high risk level of Larkhaven Psychiatric Hospital.

Which is where she meets Kelly Robak, who also works at the hospital as an orderly. Kelly embodies all the traits Erin doesn't want in a man: quiet and cold. Dominant and demanding. Kelly Robak wants what he wants, when he wants it. To call him bossy would be an understatement. Put that all together in one tall, well-built man with more than his fair share of scars and what do you get? Sexy. As. Heck.

“Listen. I like you. And I want you. I’m inviting you to come over so we can explore the thing that’s between us. I know you feel it, same as me. I’m offering you a chance to shut your brain off for a weekend, so we can spoil each other’s bodies rotten. Let me boss you around and I promise you’ll find out I give twice as good as I get. I’m not gonna try to fuck your ass or dress you up like a hooker—“
”Be still my heart. Kelly Robak, you charmer, you.”
”There’s four things a real man has to be able to do for a woman.”
”Exactly how many man-lists do you have?”
He let my wrist go and ticked the items off on his fingers. “Fix her car. Grill her a steak. Kick the ass of any guy who makes her cry. And fuck her so hard she wakes up half-crippled.”
”Oh my God.”

Erin likes what she sees but she's also a little bit judgemental and prejudiced. There is a lot of push and pull between the two of them while she fights her attraction and desires. Erin really doesn't want to like his bossy and high handed ways... but she does.
Not that Erin really stood a chance. Kelly is a master of foreplay. He knows how to tease her body, work her up to a needy degree. And, even though her brain baulks at the hair pulling and the butt smacking, her body responds to it very well. When she finally gives in and let’s her prejudices go, Kelly makes it worth it.

“I’m gonna make you so wet.”
The words alone were realizing his promise.
He fanned his fingers, thumbs tracking the uppermost creases of my thighs and the hems of my panties.
”I’m gonna make you want me so bad it’ll hurt,” Kelly whispered. “Make you want me so much, you’ll come the second my cock sinks inside you.”

When you put a guy like Kelly and a girl like Erin in a dangerous setting, surrounded by patients with mental issues, it really amps up the whole tone of the story. It had me sitting up straight and on edge every time Erin went to work. And even though Erin learns how to handle herself, I was still very grateful that Kelly was always there. Watching out for her. A strong, silent and reassuring presence.

Another thing I really loved? Erin and Kelly aren’t rich. In fact, some people might consider them poor. Erin drives a P.O.S. and Kelly drives an older model truck. They drink beer and go on dates at the local bar. The town they live in, though on it’s way to being revitalized, is not the nicest place to live. In a genre currently being dominated by billionaires, it was refreshing to have such an earthy and realistic background. Blue collar heroes are sexy too!

My only complaint? It ended. When the end came, I wasn’t ready for it. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to any of the characters. I really, really would’ve loved an epilogue… or a second book. (Hint, hint. After Hours #2, please?)

After Hours is a voluptuous and erotic romance. Cara McKenna delivers on the sensual and the salacious. If you love heroes who are wonderfully unrefined and fantastically filthy, you will go mad for Kelly Robak.


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