Review: Beneath the Beauty by Skye Warren


Beneath the Beauty (Beauty #2) by Skye Warren
Skye Warren (May 18, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Erin Raider – Younger, Student 
Hero: Blake Morris – Recluse, Professor 

Beneath the Beauty is part two in the Beauty serial. Part one, Beauty Touched the Beast is currently FREE on Amazon.




Beneath the Beauty? I want to be beneath the beast! Blake Morris checks all of my hero boxes. A sexy, older man who also happens to be a professor. A devilishly handsome face hidden beneath scars that show just how brave he truly is. A need to be rough and raw while also having a sensitive side. And, between the sheets, this man is insatiable as well as generous. Erin is one lucky lady.

Erin Raider, a college student in her last semester, used to clean Blake’s house. After a chance, and embarrassing, encounter during one of her visits (in Beauty Touched the Beast), Erin realized just how deeply she was attracted to her scarred and reclusive employer. Two weeks into their relationship, Erin is now blissfully ensconced in her romance with Blake… Until reality starts intruding.

When Blake is offered – again – an associate professor position at the same university that Erin attends, he’s not keen to accept. Used to hiding in his house, it takes some convincing from Erin to get him to take the position. Even though student/professor affairs are not allowed, no matter that their relationship precedes his position, Erin wants Blake to be happy. She knows he needs to get out of the house in order for him to see for himself that he’s more than the scars on his face.

So they decide to hide their relationship, which makes for some very risky and titillating encounters in his office… But it also makes it extremely awkward when Blake's past, aka a woman, starts coming around. It brings to the forefront all of Erin and Blake's differences: their age, their incomes, their life stages. And it also reminds them what's most important: they truly love each other.

From the first installment, Beauty Touched the Beast, to this installment—almost two years have passed. And from the first to the second, you can see the growth Skye Warren has had as an author. There is so much more depth and feeling added to the story and the characters. Not to mention the actual flow of the words, as well as the heat behind them, has only gotten better. More intense. I love the way Skye writes, period.

Beneath the Beauty is fantastically sexy and emotional. Erin and Blake have a combustible chemistry that kept me flying through the pages, as well as a heaping helping of heart to keep me invested. I can't wait for the next two installments! I need more Blake, please!

Favorite Quote:

He didn't fool himself about the ever present tinge of desperation, as if he needed to hurry, as if she'd slip through his fingers like sand in the wind. He had realistic expectations. He was ugly as sin. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. It was only a matter of time before she never came back.


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