Review & Giveaway! Emancipating Andie by Priscilla Glenn

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Emancipating Andie by Priscilla Glenn
Priscilla Glenn (April 5, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Andie Weber – Control freak, Writer
Hero: Chase McGuire – Carefree, Photographer






Ever since I read Priscilla Glenn’s story Back to You, I’ve been craving to read more from this author. I’m beyond intrigued with her writing style. I was never worried that her next book wouldn’t live up the greatness that is Back to You. I had faith in Miz Glenn. Not only did Emancipating Andie live up to my expectations, but it had me loving every single laugh, smile, and heart-clenching moment. I loved this book made of awesome sauce covered in sprinkles.

“We judge people by our own standards of happiness … What makes you happy might not make that woman over there happy. But human beings have a terrible habit of thinking they know what’s best for each other. ”

Andie Weber learned a long time ago that being carefree can only get you into trouble. Ever since an incident from her past, she’s been determined live her life smart and safe and well-structured. She has the perfect boyfriend, a good home, and a respectable job. Andie has it so incredibly together and yet her life is so incredibly bland. Spontaneity is not a word in her vocabulary. And then she meets Chase McGuire, her polar opposite. He’s spontaneous, carefree, witty, and sarcastic. He lives his life as a traveling photographer without any kind of structure. He refuses to relent to what other people expect of him. He’s straight forward, abrasive, and makes no apologies for who he is. Andie can’t stand him.

The moment they met a year and a half ago, Andie judged him right off the bat as a loser, someone she would rather not have anything to do with. So, when Andie’s boyfriend decides to fly to Florida early for a friend’s wedding, he asks his best friend, Chase, to ride down with Andie. Knowing she’s going to be stuck in the car with Chase for two days made Andie uncomfortable and irritable. Personality wise, they are nothing alike and it shows with the snarky tension between them when they first get on the road. But eventually, as the miles are traveled and they get to know one another, the tension and stress of being together slowly dissipates. Andie’s itinerary is thrown out the window as the road trip turns into flirty banter...

“Are you gonna put your shirt back on?” she blurted out.

Chase froze, looking over his shoulder at her with the most maddening smile. “Why? Is this bothering you?”

“I just…” Andie sputtered, floundering through her response. “I mean, what if we get pulled over or something?”

“If we get pulled over, this could only work in your favor,” he said, running his hands over his chest.

...laughter, smiles, impulsive fun, and simply enjoying life. Chase opens Andie’s eyes to a new world. He helps her shed her skin and be free. But when the road trip comes to an end, what happens between Andie and Chase is another journey they must take.

I was genuinely sad when the road trip ended. But it wasn’t the end to these characters journey. Andie continues to struggle to uncover who she is and what she wants from life and love. Her confusion and frustration with thinking with her head and feeling with her heart was vividly depicted. She’s ready to pursue a life of writing and liberate herself from her well-constructed life. But, even though she’s happier than she’s been in a long time, there is still something or someone missing from her life. She can’t stop thinking about the man that brought her pure unadulterated happiness in just two short days.  The feelings she developed for him have invaded her heart and soul. And now it’s up to her to figure out if the relationship between her and Colin should continue. Or should she go after what her heart truly desires. 

“I’m gonna fall in love with you.”

Chase is a fantastic hero. He’s incredibly sexy and funny. I loved his use of sarcasm and witty remarks. The way he struggled with being a good friend by staying away from Andie, the one girl who could bring him to his knees, simply moved me. The thought of her makes him happy and sad all at once. She’s the girl of his dreams, but he couldn’t have her. My heart went out to Chase as his pain and frustration came to the forefront. He fell for his best friend’s girl and he is determined to remain loyal to Colin. The last thing he wants is to take away his friend’s happiness and for Andie to regret being with him.

His heart was racing, and he wanted her to hear it. And he wanted her to know that from here on out, it beat solely for her.

The connection between Andie and Chase is unquestionable, yet the question as to whether they should pursue the feelings they have towards one another continuously hangs in the air. As the story progresses, they both find it harder and harder to stay away from each other. They are drawn to each other like a moth to a flame. There is absolutely no cheating, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of heartache and pain that goes along with such a complicated situation.

My favorite part is how Miz Glenn builds the story slowly.  She gave me time to see the characters change and grow, find themselves, and, yes, eventually fall in love. There is nothing like a great friends-turn-lovers story that will melt your heart into mush. The writing style flows beautifully and I found it difficult to put the book down. This isn’t an overly steamy book, but there is an emotional connection, incredible chemistry, and genuine intimacy. The little touches and secret glances made the butterflies in my belly flutter.

There is a quiet scene with a piano, and a beautiful song I love, that made my insides all warm and gooey. Andie and Chase both realize at this point there is no going back, no matter how hard they fight their attraction towards each other, they will never be the same again. The way Glenn wrote this scene, I could feel how hard these two fought to control their desire for each other. I could feel their need and their want. It was so vivid and so intense. 

This story has a powerful message behind it… follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and do what makes YOU happy. I really enjoyed following along Andie’s journey of self-discovery. But this wasn’t just Andie’s journey, this was Chase’s as well. In each other, they find courage, happiness, confidence, and unexpected love.  This is truly one of those stories that just needs to be read. Emancipating Andie mesmerized me and left me with a blissfully happy ending.


About the Author

Priscilla Glenn

Priscilla Glenn lives in New York with her husband and three children. She has been teaching English Language Arts at the middle and high school levels for the past eleven years while moonlighting as a writer, mommy, coach, student, and professional laundry-doer.

If you catch her when she's feeling sophisticated, she'll tell you her favorite things are great books and good wine. In the moments in between, she'll admit her love for anything Ben and Jerry's, UFC fights, and Robert Pattinson.

Glenn is also the author of the contemporary romance/YA crossover BACK TO YOU.

Find Priscilla Online: 
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